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Previous events

Don’t mess with the Zohar 28th May 2016

Jewdas Seder 24th April 2016

Memories of the Warsaw Ghetto 19th April 2016

In solidarity with strangers 18th March 2016

RE-EMERGING: The Jews Of Nigeria film screening 20th February 2016

Songs for Yiftah’s daughter 14th February 2016

Tu bishvat seder 23rd January 2016

Geoffrey Cohen’s Torah study 6th January 2016

#BURNALLGUYS 5th November 2015

Beigels not Borders 3rd October 2015

BirthWrong, Spain May 2015

Songs of the inner heart: A concert of Arabic and Hebrew Muwashshah poetry – 29th April 2015

Jewdas cut n paste seder  6th April 2015

Jewification – a musical  20th March 2015

Katsha’nes! Cockney Yiddish Music Hall 8th March 2015

Jewdas Meets the Unternationale 24th January 2015

Geoffrey Cohen and the Temple of Fishballs 13 December 2014

CHIEF RABBI – IT COULD BE YOU! 6 September 2012

¡No Pasaran! Cable Street – Party like it’s 1936! 1 October 2011

Judeocommunistanarchist(pre)poststructuralistmiddleclassguilt-conspirators Part 1.

East London Sukkah

Nitl Nakht

Rootless Cosmopolitan Yeshiva ll

Half a Shekel

Night of Ritual Slaughter


Rootless Cosmopolitan Yeshiva l

Elephants of the Protocols of Zion


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