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BIRTHWRONG IS BACK! Marseille, April 28 – May 1 2017

Hola, mes amis! (See what I did there?)

Two years ago, Jewdas launched a Birthwrong trip to Andalusia, to visit MI, Rabbi Moses ben Maimonides, el Rambam myself! It went PRETTY GREAT thanks for asking, with mucho vino, a lovely havdallah, May Day marching, coffee with some communists in Marinaleda, a tour of Jewish Seville and the Jewish museum in Cordoba, a talk about the Jewish comrades who fought in the Spanish Civil War, y mucho mas vino.

Well I’ve got some GREAT NEWS if you missed the last one…


We’re travelling to Marseille, France over May Day weekend, April 28 – May 1 2017, and you (YOU!!) can come too!

To include (excusez-moi as I switch to le vernacular):

  • Le Grand Synagogue, including a Sephardic Shabbat service
  • A tour of Marseille’s 1,000 years of Jewish history
  • Community activism workshops
  • May Day
  • May Day sardines (je ne sais pas, it’s a thing)
  • Havdallah on la plage
  • A hike in the hills

Y of course…

  • Beaucoup de vin!!!

More information about applications, cost, details and accessibility is on the Birthwrong 5777 Facebook page.

On y va, comrades!

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