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Chomsky’s Recent London Lecture

My parents used to say that I’d been brainwashed for opposing America as it began the war on Afghanistan. Well, listening to Noam Chomsky again now, I sort of see their point. I was hooked to his refutations of bullshit foreign policy and macho posturing, I read him up like the cream cheese mini-bagels get eaten at kiddush. What strikes me now is just how soothing, gentle and – dare I say it – subliminal his way of speaking is. Yes, I learned about CIA methods of brainwashing through him, but then can I be sure he isn’t himself such a weapon, of the left?

Chomsky on the 29th of October, Imperial College London, introduced by Tariq Ali.

Now, take a deep breath…

Then again, I’d rather trust my brain with someone like Noam than that other Jewish master of the tactic, our beloved…

Note the dip in vocal volume and tone every time Sacks vocalises a truism – in this case every time the Rabbi of Marble Arch Synagogue blames the poor for overindulgence.

At least Noam is monotone (and doesn’t just put a kindly air over the stench of state policy thankyou very much Chief Rabbi.) An audio recording of Chomsky’s lecture can be found here.

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