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Diasporotica – 1st Annual Diasporic Erotic Poetry Contest – Calling for Submissions

After much popular clamour, we present the eagerly-anticipated poetry contest – Diasporotica – a friendly competition to celebrate the vibrant, long-standing tradition of erotic poetry in the diaspora.

Yiddish Erotica

We are welcoming submissions in: Bukhori, Dzhidi, Gruzini, Haketia, Hebrew, Judaeo-Aramaic, Judaeo-Golpaygani, Judaeo-Kurdish, Judeo-Malayalam, Judaeo-Marathi, Judaeo-Piedmontese, Juhuri, Kayla, Knaanic, Krymchak, Ladino, Romaniyot, Qatalanit, Shuhadit, Yiddish, and Zarphatic.

Submissions in other languages will be accepted, albeit begrudgingly.

Submissions will be examined by a panel of eminent experts in Jewish erotic poetry, who will adjudge the work based on its: (a) diasporic essence, (b) pathos, and (c) capacity of arousal.

All entries must be unpublished, anonymous and should be submitted via the website before the 29th of Sh’vat.

The winner of the contest will receive: the undying acclaim of the community, and the title of Diasporic Erotic Poet of the Year 5775.

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