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I’m done with the boycott

Darth Vader

So I decided to stop doing the whole boycott thing.

I really didn’t set out to break any laws, I just wanted to do what felt right.

Like, Solly’s: I heard they don’t pay their staff a minimum wage, let alone a London living wage. A waiter can’t live off of tips alone in this city! It honestly annoys the crap out of me. I couldn’t buy a single chip from Solly’s after I heard that.

And what is it with ‘Kosher’ anyway? Those Kosher butchers and their self-righteousness. If I was a cow I wouldn’t give a crap if I was murdered with a knife or a stun-gun, I’d wanna just live! It’s been years since I entered Louis Mann or any other Kosher butcher.

And that J-Date! I mean am I alone thinking conventional Jews are just a bit boring these days? Superficial, narrow-minded and sometimes even a bit racist? The dad of my last Jewish girlfriend couldn’t stop going on about how his daughter had brought a “shvatzer” to the shabbes table. The only consolation was that I wasn’t a muslim, jeeze. I want to meet someone a bit different, maybe someone who knows their Adorno, that’d be great. I got in some promising conversations over Guardian Soulmates… but I decided it’ll only cause problems so I deactivated my account.

Maybe I should just accept what the JC has done to the community. I tried to get my parents to stop their subscription – I mean it’s only an anniversary present that they never bothered canceling. Anti-semitism and the Holocaust have been the biggest topics on the JC’s tag cloud for ever, and I don’t really think that’ll ever change. Not under Pollard anyway. So full of fear and contempt. Of late it feels like they’ve pointed the death star towards anyone who voices even the most minor of criticisms of their party line. I mean, why? No one’s perfect, right? I could go into some Lacan but, ah, I guess I shouldn’t. Maybe I have been a bit of a self-hating Jew recently, maybe I should work on my self-esteem a bit more, be a bit more like Melanie Phillips, she doesn’t seem to have esteem problems, though I swear she has got quite a lot of hate inside her. Maybe that’s what not being a self-hating Jew means: be confident in your hatred. I could do that, I suppose.

Anyways so I’ve decided to join my uni’s JSoc. They’ve got a workshop coming up on coping with there being Arabs on campus and I think there’s another one about transferring to Leeds or Manchester uni, where its safe to be Jewish. And there’s gonna be a shawarma shabbat coming up. Think they get their shawarmas from Solly’s, what can you do? I’ll try to grin and bear it. Maybe I’ll meet some nice people. It’s not always about your values.

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