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Jewdas Announce Birthwrong Trip To Spain And You’re Invited

“BirthWrong is probably the pinnacle of all human achievement. Everyone who’s anyone will be there.”
– Babylonian Talmud, 20:15
See Maimonides! Get pissed! Do some Jewish tourism! Spend Shabbat with Andalusian Jews! Shvitz in a hammam! Visit a communist village! Get pissed!

What is it?
Bollocks to BirthRight… this is BirthWrong.
This is a trip for anyone who’s sick of Israel’s stranglehold on Jewish culture and wants to get away on a raucous holiday in Spain. We’ll do plenty of cultural stuff, party, pray, dance, sing, chat and make bonds that will last a lifetime.
Don’t worry if you don’t pray. Plenty of people won’t either.
Don’t worry if you don’t drink. You can always do MDMA.

When is it?
Join us for a fantastic journey through Jewish Andalusia, Thursday April 30- Tuesday 5 May.
Lag b’Omer is the Jewish pilgrims’ festival, May Day is the historic workers’ festival, so join us for this great fiesta of the oppressed, marginalised and ridiculously, obscenely hopeful. Spend your Holy Days with Jewdas.

Who’s it for?
Are you Jewish?
Are you lefty?
Are you cool?
Do you want to do Jewish stuff that isn’t about Israel?
Do you want to learn fantastic things about our history with really cool lefty people?
Then this is for you!

How do I register?
Get in touch with us at telling us who you are, where you’re from and what you’re hoping to get out of the trip.

How much will it cost?
We estimate it should cost less than 300euros (£200) for flights, accommodation and all activities if you’re coming from the UK. Get in touch to talk about funding.

Where can I find more information?

We’ll be releasing a Birthwrong website with more information shortly and we’ll be filming a documentary of the trip.

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