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JNF Under Demolition: They Say Bedouin Nights, We Say Bedouin Rights

On the 26th of November the JNF held a themed “Bedouin Nights” party in London, coincidentally the same night it razed the Bedouin village of al-Araqib for the 91st time. Promising a “unique Bedouin style venue” with cocktails and shesha, the event was to raise money for Desert Stars which is a JNF project for young Bedouin people.

But something was missing, something to give the party a truly authentic Bedouin flavour…

The flyer made no mention of bulldozing the party goers homes or desecrating the graves of their relatives, and planting a forest over the remains of forcibly removed ancient communities did not look like it made the to do list either. To help the JNF show the young Jewish professional of London what its really like for the Bedouin we decided to demolish the party.







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