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Music for Faygelachs #3

Now I’ll fully admit that if it wasn’t for Brokeback Mountain having completely reformed my views on cowboys, this video probably wouldn’t have made it to the hailed Music For Faygelachs spotlight. 

This is Socalled live on one of my favourite songs of his, the Cowboy Song. And there is something camp going on with our klezmorim here, hey? Or at least something oh so wonderfully dandyish. 

It’s therefor no small wonder that Brokeback Mountain has been banned in the United Arab Emirates, China, Lithuania and of course the 62% John McCain voting state of Utah. First you start watching “homosexual propaganda” like that, then you start appreciating songs like this about camp Yiddish cowboys, then you fall into the control of us Jewish gender benders hell bent on taking over the planet!

Have you watched the Socalled video yet? Good, good, then everything’s going according to plan…

'Jews and Gays running the world'

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