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Open letter to the JC: Stop enabling whiny right-wingers

Yesterday, the Jewish Chronicle published this article. Over the last year, Jewdas has extended its tentacles into the far reaches of the North, where a local supporter had this to say:

The world, sadly, contains many people who fear, hate or distrust Jews. White Europeans, black Africans, Asians, Arabs, Americans, Latinos, Christians, Muslims, atheists. It seems every section of global society contains a number of anti-Semitic, that is to say, racist people. And how do they tar us? They say we are all in it together, a global conspiracy. They say we all have the same corrupt morality, that we are all selfish or greedy or conniving. But as every rational person must discover when they examine such racism, it is all rubbish. Every one of us is different, has different beliefs, different political opinions, different ideas of right and wrong (give or take a Commandment).

So it saddens me to see a Jewish newspaper libel a whole people, suggesting that they all believe in the same thing, all share the same moral code. For it is not so. There are many, many Jews and many, many Israelis who strongly disagree with Israel and its policies. Indeed, there are those among our vast disorganised conspiracy that feel Israel has no right to exist; clearly we have some purging to do. Why, just last week, dozens of conscripts and officers in the IDF admitted to committing war crimes in Gaza! The chutzpah!

The truth – the hard, bitter, complicated, doesn’t-fit-nicely-into-your-Zionist-narrative truth – is that we aren’t all the same. By putting Zionist words in the mouth of all Jews, hasbarists and other pro-Israel propagandists have given the great unwashed horde of anti-Jewish racists a euphemism with which to refer to Jews: Zionist. “The Zionist conspiracy,” “Zionist-occupied government,” “Zionist-controlled Hollywood.” This homogenising rhetoric has turned every Jew into a target whether they support Israel or not!

When, before the advent of Zionism, has it ever been possible to call someone a self-hating Jew? When, since the days of Jesus Christ our Lord and Saviour, could a Jew be accused of going against their people?

The JC article goes on to quote a Jewish Israeli who supported and even helped lead the boycott campaign. Clearly we are not all alike, and so when these nice Jewish boys and girls say they feel unwelcome being Jewish, that is not what they mean. They, too, have fallen for the trap that captured the crypto-anti-Semites. They, too, mistake their Judaism for their Zionism.

And what is so bad with treating Zionism as an unwanted guest? Supporters of South Africa were not long ago treated with the same discourtesy. Who, after all, wants colonisation and apartheid – uninvited – in their house?

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