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Propper Antisemites!

First there was John Galliano talking about gas chambers and now Julian Assanage is talking about the anti-wikileaks conspiracy being orchestrated by world-Jewry: finally we’ve got some real Antisemites to hate! Is it just me or has it been a little dull recently engaging with antisemitism solely by reassuring petrified family that when a non-Jew talks about the IDF overreacting, it doesn’t literally mean that locals are amassing with lit torches on the Mill Hill roundabout?

What will happen to the fashion guru from Streatham? Are the rumours that Ahmadinejad is planning on relaxing the rules over women’s dress in order to hire him correct?

So far Hollywood has acted “swiftly”: only two stars wore Dior dresses to Sunday’s Oscars and guess what? A Wikileaks leak has shown that the call from that came directly from “the Jew Murdoch’s office.”

And not only did Galliano make a slur about wanting every single Jew on the planet dead, but he said it in the context of Jew’s being ugly! To think! No wonder Natalie Portman is angry!

Whilst the corporate media stands firm with the Jews, you can’t beat the masses down in an e-democracy. Youtubers had this to say:

The ironic thing is that homos like him would be first to have been gassed by Hitler.
renumeratedfrog 2 minutes ago

@RThornhill69 how about the Jews .. they called non jewish weman WHORE on Sientfield and never ever made an Issue of it.. the Kiss guy said “goyme are for manual labor” never said anything about it.. Jews control the Media that is why this is an Issue .. cause Jews allow you to react to it.. Jews are involved around the world .. in KIlling People for Organs.. yet it is a small story at most.. down played as just that 1 guy .. lol.. itis not 1 guy it is the Jews of Talmudic Unity..
justonemorename 6 minutes ago

Hang on a minute, what ever happened to “freedom of speech” or doesn’t that apply towards a select few? i.e special treatment!
ever1ast 9 minutes ago

It was a SET UP! I still love John, I forgive him. Peace
devolutionone 9 minutes ago

@WineBeerLover If a person in this world says something cruel about another person of a different ethnicity, people will know about it. Especially if it’s caught on video. What disparaging remarks from Jews are you referring to?
RThornhill69 9 minutes ago

Fuck the jews fuck religion fire up the gas chambers
09vjblue 11 minutes ago

@agelessrocker no one else exist.. there is no KKK cause they were jews. there is no Nazis cause they were Jews.. there was no Young Turks cause they too were Jews.. there was no British Empire ..cause their Empire was Built by Jews.. there was no British East Indian Company . or Dutch East Indian Company .. both were Jewish Companies.. and the list goes on .. and on.. Sassoons and Rothschilds.. East and West. you are either with them.. or not. there is no other Groups in Power.
justonemorename 11 minutes ago

Being a Jew just got interesting again!

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