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Rogue Jews

The Government has called for the Jewish community to weed out rogue elements from within its midst. Tony Blair acknowledged that the vast majority of Jews were under no suspicion, as they dedicated their lives purely to the pursuit of material wealth, but talked of a rogue ‘fanatical’ element that had to be brought under control. Several ‘ringleaders’ were mentioned.

1) Rabbi Yitzhak Shachnet-condoning (state) terrorism in Mill Hill

2) Rabbi Barry Marcnes-well known for reconciling Judaism with the teachings of Mussolini

3) Melanie Phillipstone-a radical who preaches outside synagogues

Mention was made by the prime minister of the middle eastern training camps popularly known as ’tour’ , where impressionable young people pledge their undying loyalty for the cause in the hope of receiving underage sex in return.

There was a suggestion of banning the extremist youth group ‘UJS’ who describe themselves as ‘non-violent’ and mention was also made of restricting the activities of BICOM, although an off the record source said “they’re just a load of tossers”.

The Prime Minister made clear his concern at the distance between the elders of the community leadership and the young people who prefer to spend they’re time at so called ‘jewdos’. Undercover agents at these clandestine events found no concrete evidence of terrorist activity, although they were able to make widespread arrests on the grounds of crimes against taste.

Finally, all of these groups an individuals operate under the spirtual guidance of rav yehuda ben shlomo hazvi, also known as Neville Nagler who lives a clandestine existence in the caves below Masada, and occasionally issues recodings an videos to inspire the faithful, usually leaked direct to controversial media outlet “”.

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