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Rootless Cosmopolitan Yeshiva ll

March 2009

Images courtesy of DG Jones

  • Chaim Neslen: Bundist sympathising Chair of Toynbee Hall’s weekly Friends of Yiddish assembly – Chaim Neslen will present, ‘The Survival of Yiddishism – Jewishness: A Life and Death Struggle’
  • David Landau: The former Haaretz editor will present a talk called ‘New Government-Old Tsores?’

  • Sheila Shulman: Sheila is the Rabbi of London’s LGBT synagogue Beit Klal

  • Antony Lerman: The director of the Institute for Jewish Policy Research will talk about Rethinking European Judaism

  • Gerry Gable: The ex-editor of Searchlight magazine will talk about Cable Street and other battles against Fascists

  • Paul Kriwaczek: The author of Yiddish Civilisation will talk about ‘The Hidden History of the Yiddish Speakers’

  • Avi Mograbi: Director of ‘How I Learned to Overcome My Fear and Love Arik Sharon’ will talk about making radical films in Israel

  • Brian Klug: Next Year in Hackney; Reclaiming the Jewish Future


  • Oreet Ashery will be staging a participatory play about the embarrassingly false 17th Century woops-we-all-believed-he-was-but-he-bloody-well-wasn’t-the-messiah, Shabbtai Zvi

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