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And you shouldn’t vote Tory either

Not long ago, I wrote to say why voting UKIP was an act of idiocy. Well in case you’ve now settled on that nice man David at the Conservatives, I’m afraid they’re also bad for the Jews.

See they like their Polish anti-Semite buddies a little too much. Good on you, Rabbi man.

In fact it’s been a good week for Rabbis being radical – or indeed, just sensible, which is just as amazing – with one telling a bad man to stop taking from Latinos to finance the Jews. It’s not just a bad idea to be funding stupid settlements filled with lunatics, it’s just also a bad idea to annoy the other ethnic groups. Let’s work together with the others who are suffering what we did once too, instead of pissing them off, OK?

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2 thoughts on “And you shouldn’t vote Tory either”

  1. Although the ‘Rabbi man’ quoted in the article, Barry Marcus , is a total fascist in the literal sense.

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