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Brits on Ice


Top private school, Beyoncé at their Bar Mitzvah, a successful e-business in their teens? That is OLD KVELL. Hasn’t everyone’s child done that?

Give your son the only start in life that counts, the only thing that is worth bragging about.

This winter the JW3 is opening an ice-rink on its piazza.

On the last night of Chanukah, Jayne Torvill and Christopher Dean are coming to London’s newest Jewish centre for Brits on Ice. Wearing specially made Brit-Skates, created by celebrity Mohel Dr Joseph Spitzer, they can circumcise your son on the rink.

For £100, either Torvill or Dean will skate over the foreskin

For £200, Torvill, then Dean

For £1000, Torvill and Dean will recreate their 1984 Gold winning Olympic ice-dance , skating the Bolero, incorporating the brit into the finale, then carving your son’s name into the ice with an Axel jump.

Teach your neighbours. A celebrity brit. Or no brit at all.

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