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Campaign Against Antisemitism Survey – The Truth

A new survey by the Campaign Against Antisemitism has received extensive media coverage. Jewdas has received a secret transcript of the conversation that led to its creation.


Screen Shot 2015-01-14 at 18.41.11

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7 thoughts on “Campaign Against Antisemitism Survey – The Truth”

  1. I’ll say it’s libel – Tu b’Shevat cocktail parties were MY IDEA, Aish only wishes it had come up with them!

  2. Shame they didn’t ask someone with some experience before they offered us their opinion piece.

  3. Richard Armbach

    I think I have this Brits and Jews thing figured. If you crunch all the available numbers thoroughly the thing that becomes abundantly clear is that a high percentage of Brits have a positive view of chasing money.

  4. Where is this from? Looks kinda like fb, but isn’t how it looks anymore. Also the names are abbreviated and no pics? Are the people involved Gideon falter and Jonathan sacerdoti?

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