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Circus Judaism

Uncle Moishe and the Yeshiva Boys Choir.

I love this. So much. And I want it: not just chol hamoed sukkos like this video, but every bloody shabbat. Fuck shulgoing, prayers, study, every Jewish occasion should be like a circus. Think how many converts we’d get! And how many marriages! In such a messianic utopia Uncle Moishe would be acknowledged king by all.

Jonathan Sacks can only dream of singing like Uncle Moishe. All that smooth spoken words waxing lyrical while the Neimah singers provide backing lounge music? Not good enough Rabbi Sex. No wonder all the kinderle are marrying out!

Here’s another classic. Come on now, oy, yoy yoy yoy yoy, yoy  yoy yoy yoy, yoy yoy yoy VAY    But can we be sure the Pizza is glatt? Looks a bit suspect to me.

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1 thought on “Circus Judaism”

  1. There’s a Pizza niggun?!?!?!

    I say we ask Uncle Moishe to organise our next party!

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