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Jewdas Hagaddah 2016

After our amazing Passover Seder yesterday we got a lot of requests to share our Hagaddah. We made it by cutting and pasting from various hagadot then added in our own bits and pieces. Feel free to change it and use it for your own seders!

The Jewdas Hagaddah 2016

Next year in Costa del Sol xoxo

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1 thought on “Jewdas Hagaddah 2016”

  1. Tania Kaczynski

    Ide love to see your haggadah, how can I access it?. OR is it published ?.
    Please send info to me on the above address.
    Thanks and Shalom and Shanna Tova.
    Also I would love to get more involved with Judas, how would I do that?

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