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@Bethnal Green Working Men’s Club. Discussions from 7pm. Music from 8.

A fascist troll threatened to ‘liberate’ Stamford Hill from ‘Jewification’. We think Jewification sounds bloody brilliant.Join Jewdas, Geoff Berner, Cream Cheese and Colin Samurai for an anti racist party, with music, dancing, and discussion at Jamboree on Cable Street. We did not let them pass before, and we will stop them again – this time with furious dancing.

This is not a Jewish party, but a party for everyone who has ever been threatened for being different, everyone who has ever been othered and made to feel like an outsider.

As government and institutional racism continues to rise following the passing of another islamophobic counter terror bill in parliament, this a chance to stand in solidarity with our Muslim friends, and with all other minorities.

Rather than let ourselves be intimidated by racism, let’s take the opportunity to join together with other organisations and individuals who are fighting for rights, safety and respect. If you have a project or a campaign you’d like to talk about, please let us know, and feel free to bring leaflets, zines and posters to share.

Music will start at 8, discussions at 7. Featuring poetry from Tim Wells.

Fuck Racism. Fuck Fascism. Daloy Politzei.

Tickets on the door or in advance

We now have a lot more space for stalls and talks as well as dancing. Any questions get in touch by emailing



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2 thoughts on “JEWIFICATION – A MUSICAL”

  1. I bought a ticket for the Jamboree Club tonight but you werent there. Only when I returned home did I find out you had changed venue. I’m a little disappointed to say the least. I didnt think I had to check into your site before attending but it seems you thought too little of your guests to let us know you had changed the venue. Can I at least have my money back?

    Thanks for sending me on a wild goose chase to see my favourite artist who only comes to London once a year. Never again…

  2. Hi Ruth,

    really sorry to hear this. We did send out an email from event brite, and to our mailing list, as soon as we changed the venue. It was sent to everyone who had already purchased, check your spam folder? We also published the information several times on Facebook and Twitter.

    It’s going to be difficult to organise a refund now as the event brite money has already been paid out, but send an email to and we should be able to sort it. Sorry to hear you missed Geoff.

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