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Jewish Schools: Points Mean Prizes!

A tough day at the court for Rabbi Sex
A tough day at the court for Rabbi Sex

Heard about the new entrance requirements for Jewish Schools?

Oy a Broch!

Is is too much to ask for us to benefit from the race relations act when it suits us and opt out when its inconvenient?

So, as those parents eager to keep their children away from the goyim for as long as possible will know, one now needs to get a certain number of points, and conveniently, points win prizes!

While the criteria does award 1 point apiece for having some Jewish knowledge (outrageous! you actually want us to study this Hebrew crap?) and having a parent volunteer for a Jewish organisation (does Jewdas count? JFJFP? thought not), one gets the most points (3! B’emet!) for engaging in the least favourite activity of the jew, going to synagogue. Handily you only need 3 points, so no pesky volunteering or learning required, just pop in down the old shul, pretend to pray a bit, try to stay awake during the sermon, down a few fishballs and you’re done! Even more handily, many shuls have set up a post box system, where you simply pop your child’s card in, proving their attendance, and then, as many have done, you can leave! More time for golf and swingers parties (if in Radlett).

But for those for whom even this dangerously lax system is too much, Jewdas comes to the rescue. For a very reasonable fee, the right honourable Rabbi Dr Lord Jeffery Cohen of wherever-the-simchah-is will come to your house and award you points directly. He is even happy to come on Shabbat, when he will be chauffered by his team of shabbes drivers, some of whom are not jewish and some of whom are chimpanzees.

Mezuzah on the Door                                                          1 Point

Hot Bagels in Kitchen and

in Rabbi Jeffrey’s Mouth                                                     1 Point

Use of the Phrase:

‘Is it Good for the Jews’                                                       2 Points

Demonstration of the Hora in Living Room                   2 1/2 points

Ownership of House in Hampstead

(deeds required, tenancy insufficient)                              3 1/2 Points

Blow Job for Rabbi Jeffrey                                                 450 points

Points may be deducted for parents who demonstrate ‘excessive Jewish knowledge’, which Rabbi Jeffrey finds embarrassing.

Rabbi Jeffrey promises that his report will be sent to your choice of Jewish school within two days, or whenever he can bothered, whichever is the later. Rabbi Jeffery has added a clause to the contract, to the effect that should the Supreme Court overturn the JFS ruling, neither Bagels or Blow Jobs can be returned.

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2 thoughts on “Jewish Schools: Points Mean Prizes!”

  1. Avatar photo

    How does one return a blowjob? Well, yes, it’s obvious but how does one return the actual original blowjob? Once it’s given, it can’t be taken back… Maybe this invalidates Rabbi Dr Lord Jeffery Cohen’s contract and oblige him to give just anyone 50 points without blowjobs, bagels or horas…

  2. Firstly, there is no contract until acceptance. It was nothing more than an invitation to treat (or a treat) or perhaps the hope of a (very) firm offer. Hence the slight amendment to the Heads (er) of Agreement do not affect any subsequent contract entered into (or anything else).
    Secondly, depends on how you define blow job – the act or the consequence. Which could be saved rather than swallowed and hence easily posted in a bag.

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