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Jonathan Hoffman – Anti-Zionist Hero

an innovative Pro-Palestinian campaigner

We’ve been thumbing the pages of the JC again, both on paper and online. Dirty habit we know. And while we might claim to be reading it in order to keep up with events in the Jewish world, this is much like reading Playboy for the celebrity interviews. No, the only good reason for reading the JC is to see who got married, who died and who looked like a complete schlemiel at some Jew do last saturday.

In our thumbings we wandered over to the ‘your blogs’ section, a rather ham-fisted attempt to move towards Web 2.0. There amongst a lot of rubbish, you can find regular blogs by a delightful character named Jonathan Hoffman. Mr Hoffman is the leading thug (sorry spokesperson) of the Zionist Federation and is frequently to be found engaging in vitriol, abuse and wild accusation (sorry ‘hasbara’). What is notable about dear Jonathan is his constant willingness to ‘go there’ – no pussyfooting around for him. So when others merely hint at it, Jonathan will happily declare that anti-zionism equals anti-semitism. He will have no hesitation about tarring all criticism, as ‘anti Israel’, and all opponents as either self-hating Jews or anti-semites. Naturally Jonathan declines to accept that the occupation exists, insists that Israel is a full democracy, that all its actions are 100% justifiable and that human rights campaigners are Islamists in disguise. Jonathan likes to turn up to left wing events and shout, heckle and genuine make an ass of himself. So far so good. But in his latest action Jonathan has surpassed himself.

On the JC blog site, Jonathan likes to abuse fellow posters, preferably calling them ‘trolls’. We can put this aside, perhaps this is standard conversational style in Woodside Park Synagogue. A particular poster, ‘Ben Abuyah’ however, got Johnathan’s back up. ‘Ben Abuyah’ was a critic of Israel, was pretty knowledgable, and, horror of horrors, worked for a Jewish communal organisation. How dare a community organisation employ someone whose views are not specifically endorsed by the Zionist Federation!  Jonathan has been pretty clear – Jews who criticise Israel are a best not proper Jews and at worst not jewish at all. But how does one tell? In good rabbinic style, Jonathan devised a simple and straightforward test for ascertaing someone’s Jewishness, posting the following:

To the Jewish Israel bashers:

Please confirm the following:

1. Examples of active participation in synagogue services over the last six months
2. The number of mezuzot in your home
3. Fluency in reading/speaking Hebrew
4. Participation in rabbinical shiurim in the past six months
5. Positions held within the Jewish community
6. Extent of kashrut observance
7. Examples of active support for Israel in past six months
8. Frequency of synagogue attendance

Has ever such a list been produced in all of Jewish history? Maimonides had his 13 principles but this is a whole other level – no longer is Jewishness to be based on descent or conversion, according to JH it needs to be frequently tested to check whether or not it has lapsed. Some questions remain – do all 8 areas score equally? Or does no. 7 trump all the others? An do Jews who are not ‘Israel Bashers’  have to submit to the quiz or are they exempt? And what happens if you score less than half points? Will the men in black hats come round to put you in cherem?

What was it, one might wonder that led Jonathan to produce such a list? What had got his back up? A notable omission from JH’s list is shabbat observance, a very traditional marker of Jewish religiosity. It turned out that this was very relevant. Ben Abuyah pointed out that JH had been posting on the JC blog on shabbat. Hilariously, both the shabbat posts and Ben Abuyah’s flagging of them have now disappeared from the JC site. JH was obviously highly gefruntzled by this having his shabbat desecration pointed out ; it seemingly led him to do some research and then gleefully ‘out’ Ben Abuyah. At that point the trail goes quiet – though it seems likely that Hoffman will now try to make things difficult for ‘Ben Abuya’ in his communal organisation. (update: Hoffman’s questionaire seems to have also disappeared from the site – the moderators are zealous in their efforts to protect ZF spokespeople)

Nobody expects the Jewish inquisition.....

Its pretty clear from the above that Mr Hoffman is keen to initiate a Jewish inquisition with himself in the role of chief inquisitor. He both sets up a standard that Jews have to meet to be considered kosher, and tries to hound out a critic of Israel from their job in a Jewish community organisation. Throughout, he maintains that Jewish critics of Israel have no place within community.

Now at this juncture we could go all po-faced, condemn his behaviour, and call for the Zionist Federation to sack him. But that would be an error. Jonathan Hoffman is so extreme, so constantly dogmatic, rude, intellectually dubious and pig headed that he constantly brings the Zionist Federation, and his own cause, into disrepute. There can be only one explanation, that he is in fact an Anti-Zionist mole trying to bring down the British Zionist movement. At this, he is doing an excellent job. No other anti-Zionist has had such success in promoting the cause and making Zionism look ridiculous. Whether funded by Hezbolllah, or simply doing it as a hobby Hoffman is the anti-zionist activist par excellence. Jonathan, we salute you!

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23 thoughts on “Jonathan Hoffman – Anti-Zionist Hero”

  1. Yeah, I sometimes wonder whether it’s the right course of action to give hoffman any attention as it don’t look like he’s gonna change or even reconsider his allegience to the zionist regime, but now, after reading your post…. He certainly gets around.
    In this clip, one side say ” Enough, stop the oppression, stop the bully boy tactic, have some humanity…” and the other side treat the destruction of an AID flotilla as a reason to celebrate with smiley faces and a sickly smugness. A chorus of I.. I.. IDF being chanted like rabid football thugs, waiting to be joined by dulcet tones of E.. E.. EDL, A.. A.. ADL, J.. J.. JDL leaving the onlookers thinking F.. F.. Fucking ‘ell.
    Mr Machisimo makes a quick appearence in the interlude with adoring dolly-bird, to advertise KRAV MAGA, which every one knows is an anagram of Mark Vaga the well known IDF informer and anti-semite.
    I digress, you’re right hoffman does have some strange bed fellas. It looks like he’s playing footsie or even more, under the zionist duvet. He’s now cuddling up with confused EDL numbnuts, stroking their shaved heads as they rub oil into his big fat hairy bile filled belly whispering ” there, there hoffy baby, you’re the daddy, we know you don’t hate yourself, we’ll protect you, those nasty peace lovers wont hurt you kissy kissy…”
    To conclude, hoffers, give up the bed hopping, come clean about your phoney zionist fetish, on yer knees and beg forgiveness and we’ll see about taking you back, oh yeah, lay off the deep fried bagels.

  2. Apparently the JC has been busily airbrushing comments but Jonathan Hoffman’s “articles of faith” are still in place here unless he has detailed them elsewhere. I don’t see the sabbath observance stuff or the outing of Ben Abuyah. I think Hoffman is a very nasty piece of work and if he can out BA but not on the JC blogs, I’m sure he’ll do so elsewhere. I’d be grateful for any update on the outcome.


    Oh, a commenter on my blog has just linked to this ridiculous hagiography of Jonathan Hoffman by Chas Newkey-Schmookey. Lovely comments too. Apparently a holocaust survivor who criticises Israel ceases to be a holocaust survivor.

  3. How do you know the JC didn’t kill the exchange to protect the person from being fired – and themselves from possible future action by that person? How do you know they didn’t withdraw the information at the request of the person?

    Also, I’m pretty sure Hoffman is an elected officer of the ZF, so what makes you think that anyone can ‘fire’ him apart from voting him out at the next election?

  4. Thank you Jewdas for making me laugh until my sides split!

    Having been repeatedly smeared with the anti-semite sauce all over cyberspace by La Hoffman & co and recieved some rather jolly hate mail from some of his more dilligent footsoldiers… this is warmly received by me. I thank you 🙂 (curtsey and salutes!)

  5. The Jewish community is fortunate in having Jonathan Hoffman as a lobbyist and activist in support of Israel and Zionism. Sadly too many Jews are so ensconced in their own narrow world they do not realise what is going on around them. Anti semitism is growing – this is a fact. Israel is the only place the Jews will be able to turn to if necessary. Jews should be proud of Israel’s achievements. Israel has given the world so much in the field of medicine, arts, technology plus much more. The Jews who bash Israel are pathetic, ignorant, uneducated, ill informed morons – sad.

  6. I have little time for Jonathan Hoffman’s hysteria.

    But given that people like… (and yes, this includes you Tony “I like to kick people violently in the shins” Greenstein –

    …to speak “AsaJew” and use their Jewish status to impart moral authority to their opinion, it’s quite reasonable to ask them what kind of Jewishness they are brandishing.

    If a person raises their Jewishness as a reason for people to believe their views on Israel/Palestine, then it’s up for question. Simples.

  7. I think far quicker response to dear Jonathon’s little quiz is one question.

    1 Do you think this quiz can tell us anything?

    If the answer is yes you really don’t get Judaism.

    Reminds one of the apocrypha story of the Iralian Jews who when rounded up declared
    “But I’m in the fascist party!”
    As for the EDL oh dear wasn’t the BNP Zionist enough?

  8. You know, without Jonathan calling all you lefties to task for being the self-hating saddos you are, you guys would just be talking to yourselves about “peace” boats and who’s turn outside Waitrose it is this week.
    As it is, nobody in the community pays much attention. Even Naomi “keren” Chazen said she doesn’t believe in boycott as a legitimate weapon.
    I doubt Jonathan is trying to deceive anyone about his Shabbat observance, he is regularly outside Ahava on a Sat defending it from the BDS foot soldiers. Covent Garden is a long walk from Woodside Park.
    As for the attempt to get a UK JStreet going, well look at the numbers who have expressed an interest on their FB page. Not exactly overwhelming, is it? And which of them is the “Soros” figure?
    Peace Now UK has been around for years and just about functions without many members and no money. Are any of the left prepared to start signing a few large cheques?Without adequate resources the left will do what it has always done, moan amongst itself and join anything that looks vaguely cool.
    Thankfully Jewdas is still going strong and takes the piss out of all of us. Good work guys, keep it up. We could all do with a laugh.

  9. I hate to disappoint West End Girl but I don’t make a habit of kicking peoples’ shins. However if someone tries to trip me up and has previously stuck his face in mine aggressively chances are Ill take defensive action. Being only 5′ 5″ you are at a disadvantage from violent Zionist or fascist nuts if you don’t react.

    And if I were you I wouldn’t quote the racist warmongerers of Harry’s Place who are busy advertising war criminal Blair’s autobiography, which justifies the horrific bloodshed and all the other human rights abuses if you really are serious about disliking violence.

  10. hi Inky_Flag, it’s certainly a weird picture and captures alot. There can be no denying that the two have something going on, just look at the way roberta appears to have tied hoffs flag, around her chubby neck, hmmmm (you have to scroll down a bit for the pic)

  11. Hoffman is a pest and an idiotic ranter, if he represents israel, god help them, he is a fascist of the hjghest order

  12. i would love tp punch his stupid lights out, failing that, let’s just say he is a typical zionazi

  13. Julid calls Jonathan a fascist, and then in a true anti-fascist manner, says how he/she would love to punch his stupid lights out.

    That just about sums up those on the red/green alliance.

    If Jon Hoffman stirs up so much antipathy among that crowd and the, ‘As a Jew crowd’, so well represented above, I’d say he’s doing a bloody good job.

  14. That’s nice Julid . Care to come out from behind the alias . That’s a very real threat and I’m sure it would be of interest to the police .

  15. “Julid’s” threatening comments have been reported to the Police under the Public Order Act.

    Hopefully this sewer of a website will now be closed down.

  16. Respect: J.Hoffman & D.Sheldon

    By Sephardi Spirit
    November 9, 2011 Share8
    United as one, the Jewish people are untouchable. This is a lesson taught and learnt throughout Jewish History. When we start showing divisions and going against our traditions and values, that is where the problems start.

    Therefore it is sad to see this public spat between Dan Sheldon and Jonathan Hoffman. An important aspect in Jewish faith is respect, especially respect to your elders.

    Respect is one of the highest values held in Sephardic communities, you just have to visit one to witness it.

    Whoever you believe to be right or wrong in this argument, one thing is clear cut – The younger one showed clear disrespect to his elder.

    It has also been made clear that Dan Sheldon repeated lies that the enemies of Israel use. He may have done this unknowingly, but he still hurt another Jew.

    Now there are calls for the boy to step down. I disagree to this. We all make mistakes, he is young and will learn. He has done a lot for Jewish students on campus and that should not be forgotten.

    Dan should learn from this, issue a heartfelt apology and close the story. This would end any atmosphere of hostility in the air between both sides. I hope he listens.

    Flag as offensive
    Back to Sephardi Spirit’s blog

    Rich Armbach

    9 November, 2011 – 13:06

    Rate this:

    0 points The idea of universal respect is a difficult one, but even if we accept it, we are not called upon to respect or tolerate the kind of behaviour to which Hoffman is prone.

    Oh I get it, Hoffman is older than Bruce Levy. So that’s alright then.

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    Watchful Iris

    9 November, 2011 – 13:13

    Rate this:

    0 points Here’s why Dan Sheldon shouldn’t apologise to Jonathan Hoffman:

    Name: Ufara Bat-Asherah on Nov 7, 2011
    Comments: Jonathan is a good friend and ally who was not afraid to stand alongside us outside Ahava. He is someone who will do what others only think and is a true Zionist. The ones who are against Jonathan are the real anti-semites. Am Yisrael Chai!

    Ufara Bat-Asherah is Roberta Moore’s nom de plume and this comment was removed from the petition to remove Dan Sheldon.

    In all actuality, it’s Jonathan Hoffman who should do the apologising for lying about his affiliation with the EDL and for his conduct towards other human beings. Add in an apology to the Zionist Federation for sullying their reputation with his abrasive and poor representation of their interests. His resignation would go a long way to making it up to the Jewish community. His continued activism should be conducted as a private citizen. And lastly, he should apologise to Dan Sheldon for being even remotely connected to this absurd petition since Dan’s conduct was civil and respectful (and I can post that url too, if need be) while expressing his disagreement with Jonathan’s obviously unacceptable and embarrassing conduct and approach to his advocating for Israel.

    reply Flag as offensive

    Mary in Brighton

    9 November, 2011 – 13:41

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    0 points I have a sneaky feeling Sephardi Spirit is not what he seems. hmmmmmmm

    Edit reply

    Yoav Ish-Horowitz

    9 November, 2011 – 14:15

    Rate this:

    0 points How dare you suggest that Jonathan resign or apologise. He is a true and faithful follower of HaRav Meir Kahane Zt”l, Hy”d. He like the Rav knows that the only way Jews will have peace is to rid our homeland Israel of the non-Jews and defeatist Leftists.
    He is our beacon.
    None of the anti-semites and self-hating Jews who inhabit these blogs are fit to lick his shoes. He does what no other Jewish activist dares do in this country, stand up for our beloved and only homeland Israel.
    These petty attacks just show how scared you are of him.
    Kahane Chai. Am Yisrael Chai.

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  17. This site is terrifying. It beggars belief that people on this site are actually stupid enough to believe that Jonathan Hoffman is linked with the EDL.

  18. Sorry to be a bit late catching up on all this, but should the Inquisition still be meeting, I would like to bring a matter to their attention concerning item 6, “extent of kashrut observence”. Not that I’m exactly frum on these matters myself, you understand, and having been brought up in the naive belief that something was either kosher or not, it took time to realise that there were degrees of kashrut. But if Mr.Hoffman is talking about the “extent” of observance, perhaps the inquiry should look into an incident at Hendon town hall.

    On this occasion, the Hoffman troop of Veolian grenadiers invaded the chamber to rescue a hero of theirs, Cllr (now Ex-Cllr and ex GLA Assembly member) Brian Coleman, who was being unjustly reprimanded for bringing the council into disrepute by insulting members of the public. Whatever we may think about that, I understand that during a lull in the proceedings the Hoffmanites fell upon some refreshments, including sandwiches, that had been prepared for the councillors, and scoffed the lot.

    I can appreciate that fighting off the enemies of Israel gives one an appetite, but did anyone ascertain for sure that the catering at the town hall is under appropriate supervision before Rav Aluf Hoffman permitted, and perhaps even participated, in this impromptu buffet?

  19. I observed Hoffman at a recent book launch. He not only yelled at the author of the book he didn’t like, he proceeded to also shout down any member of the audience who said something he didn’t like during the Q&A. When he was asked not to behave in this way he said (well actually, he yelled) that it was “free speech”. Now, people who think their right to “free speech” mans they can stop anyone else from speaking obviously have an odd idea of what free speech means and – I’m sorry to have to make this point – remind me of men in natty uniforms and brown shirts, boots (of the jack type) etc etc.

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