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Lieberman in London!

Avigdor Lieberman

London’s Metropolitan police force stepped in recently to protect Israeli foreign minister Avigdor Lieberman from a hail of soft North London bagels courtesy of those opposed to his neo-Fascist views.

In a residential building, a stroll away from the Freud Museum, Lieberman was thanking the finest supporters of JNF for their unrelenting and unquestioning support of Israel come what, and whoever, may. Not seeing the irony in their tete-a-tete with Avigdor taking place near a place of refuge for someone offered sanctuary against organised racism, donors offered their own version of fascist collaboration – something Lieberman is well-acquainted with.

But being protected by four walls, multiple Israeli security staff, and our friends in CST, not to mention the extensive diplomatic immunity afforded to someone accused of fraud and who should be accused of incitement to racial hatred, was never going to enough. The Met were called, and in sufficient numbers and intelligence to recognise that this bagel-throwing could not continue. Jew would not raise bagel against Jew.

The protest was moved 4 yards down the road, on the understanding that these “projectiles” had failed the intensive 5-second health and safety assessment of this protest carried out by the police team. Forcibly moving the group down the road, and tying police cordon tape to the expensive donors’ cars across the street to pen them in, Avigdor was safe from the threat of a tasty bagel for his tea.

no-arabs-483And meanwhile he continued to talk inside, safe too from being prosecuted for his opinions which dwarf those of the BNP in their intolerance and hatred. Those who peacefully question whether we want a man like this to be courted on our shores by Jewish charity leaders are accused of posing a safety threat. We throw bagels, he throws bigotry. A Jewish fascist impossible? For more information on Avigdor Lieberman, have a look here.

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3 thoughts on “Lieberman in London!”

  1. Yeah, but what’s money compared to the chnace of either gaining one Mahmoud the Mad or loosing one Lieberman…On second thought, I’d rather have Lieberman as Prime Minister. When your enemies cry “wolf” about your politicians, you know they must be doing something right.

  2. I wonder what it means when all these non-Israelis bublre about loving Israel. What is it that they love? I think that for most of these people what they love is the idea of Israel, not the reality that they have never known and won’t know as long as the Zionist thought police are vigilant. The reality of Israel is profoundly unlovable.Is there anything about these Israel-lovers that doesn’t boil down to pure tribalism?

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