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Nazi Harry Hill finally outed

Loveable comedian or Jew hater?
Loveable comedian or Jew hater?

At last someone has had the gumption to stand up to the anti-semites who control our media. Some viewers have contacted watchdogs at Ofcom about a sketch in which Harry Hill compared a Vienetta ice cream to German tanks rolling into Poland.  The viewers of the programme which attracts an audience of 6.8 million were also upset because Hill displayed a potato snack in the shape of a swastika.

Good to see that Hill has at last been outed. Six million viewers? What’s that an allusion to? The Himmler haircut and glasses – what an insult.  ‘H H’? Sorry mate we, get the code.  It’s well known the bloke used to be a doctor. What kind of experiments eh? Get this nasty little Nazi off our screens now.

Ivor Dembina – Jewish Bored of Blaming Arabs

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15 thoughts on “Nazi Harry Hill finally outed”

  1. Avatar photo

    Call me a woolly anti-semite supporter, but I feel that Hill has probably been adequately damned by God in the genes department* for the rest of us not to get too worked up about a few off-colour jokes. He’s got to take out his homicidal rage on someone.

    (writes balding bloke with silly glasses, i.e. me)

  2. Oh, Harry Hill not Benny Hill! Woops, slight difference.
    Better to let Harry Hill have it than Benny IMHO.

  3. Don’t find Harry Hill funny any longer as he is trying to hard to be the comedian and wants himself to be the show relying less on the usual funny tv bits and more on him NOT FUNNY AT ALL

  4. Well I LOVE Harry Hill … assume Ivor Dembina is joking …. I also LOVED The Producers … I refuse to put HH on The List yet sorry 😛

  5. Oh good Ivor … comedy is my thang … and HH is my current tv hero …. … although I did enjoy the ‘On Expenses’ on Tuesday … laughed? I nearly cried … :-O

  6. Hmm Ivor … my previous post seems to have disappeared … not sure why….. meantime, as an HH fan, you are hereby forgiven … except … ummm … don’t appreciate reference to 6 m (which includes my family btw) … I could never joke about that personally … this is not the place for such a topic perhaps but anyway ….

    Love n peace

  7. hi Nancy, yeah i struggle with the ‘jewish’ humour as well, as its quite a phycological minefield. I think Ivor dealt with the 6 million thing real good by saying ”I guess it boils down to the intent of the teller and the context in which it is told. Tricky.” on this link – comments 10 and 11
    I didn’t get what the joke on Harry Hill was about, so i scanned the net looking for the story where HH was discovered to have been a secret nazi, subtlely planting anti-jew info into the mass conciousness under the cover of a comedian with the reassurrence and authority of a doctor. After a while i decided it was maybe a spontanious(usually the funniest, albeit ‘tricky’ see above) joke which was used as a kind of filler to break up the bland threads at that specific time – and i agree it certainly did that.
    Ivor is truly a good comedian – he teaches you things while making you laugh. – as Oscar Wilde said ” when telling the truth make ’em laugh or they’ll kill you.”

  8. Well tim, not sure if i’m happier now I now I’ve read that thread … it’s a lot of stuff I’ve thought about … I agree with a lot of what Ivor says but still don’t appreciate 6m jokes or exploitative references from whatever quarter …

    I didn’t particularly appreciate that penny joke either but still not enuf to put HH on The List imo and reserve the right to watch TV Burp.

  9. Just a thought Ivor and Nancy, how do you rate sasha baron cohen?, i think it’d be a good thread for comments on jewish humour issues considering his labeling of a shop keeper as a terrorist on international media and total lack of critism of israel. I’ve only met one person who loathes him and calls him racist.

  10. hi Josh, I think you’ll find most things about the left (and right for that matter) are pretty funny, but SBC has his little sleazy nasty zionist agenda lurking behind his ‘humour’. Although, after saying that, I did chuckle at his version of ” Help the Aged” by Jarvis Cocker.
    I think there is humour in virtually everything, it’s a great leveller and it’s always funny to laugh at those who set themselves up as something special – the underdog always appreciates that, wouldn’t you agree?

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