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Not your ammo Eric Pickles (fragments)

This morning a man from Tulkarem, a village in the West Bank, stabbed a dozen people on the number 40 bus in Tel Aviv, was shot in the leg and is now in custody. No names have been released yet.

From Haaretz: When they realized it was a terror attack, he said, “Me and my team of three others identified the terrorist and chased after him. The terrorist collapsed after we shot at his legs. We then shackled him and awaited the arrival of police officers.”

Last weekend in Rahat, a village in the Naqab/Negev, a Bedouin Palestinian man was killed by Israeli police, while he was attending the funeral of a Bedouin Palestinian man, who had been killed by Israeli police. Sami al-Ziadnah, Sami al-Ja’ar, the men killed. The names of the killers have not been released or are unknown, and no one has been arrested.

From Yidiot Achronot: Unrest had erupted in the southern Israeli city after two of its residents were killed during confrontations with Israeli police. 

Last week, a man ran into a Tesco in North Wales, shouted “white power” and attacked a man with a machete. Zack Davies, the attacker; Sarendev Bhambra, the attacked.

From the Independent: A 25-year-old man was held on suspicion of attempted murder, following what is believed to have been a racially motivated assault”

Twenty-six French mosques have been attacked since the Charlie Hebdo attacks. Firebombs, gunfire, grenades, pigs’ heads have been thrown into their sacred spaces. Round the corner from my house, Finsbury Park mosque has been getting death threats

On Monday this week two hundred people crowded into an east London venue in defiance, and to tell stories of Black and Brown and Muslim people killed and assaulted by police and security guards. In custody, in their homes, in detention centres, whilst being deported. Sean Rigg. Mark Duggan. Jimmy Mubenga. Cynthia Jarrett. Stephen Lawrence. Michael Brown. Eric Garner. Too many others.

And in Paris, Netanyahu told French Jews to go to Israel, because there’s nothing like solving one country’s postcolonial problems by contributing to the neo-colonial project of another.

haaretz france cartoon bibi




There have been responses and reflections on that last one posted here already-

The trap set for the Jews of France

We are everyone

And, we aren’t going anywhere:

The truth is Israel is a much less safe to be Jewish than France. Moreover, that Zionist answer is just not good enough. You leave and you let the racists win. They have “their” country and they move on to oppressing whatever minority is next. You go and join Israel to help some other racists win their battles, whether solving the “population problem” of the Palestinians or providing them cover for not giving asylum to the Sudanese.”


But it looks like British government ministers haven’t caught up with the latest from Jewdas, and instead have joined forces with Netanyahu in some game of ‘if the diaspora won’t come to Israel, Israel will come to the diaspora’, as:

Last Sunday speaking to the Bored of Deputies, Theresa May and Eric Pickles “pledged extra police patrols to counter antisemitism threat.

Since when did being Jewish mean having to be a pawn for institutional racism? “More police on the streets to protect Jews”, they said. Read: To protect Jews from Muslims.

I haven’t the words strong enough, I haven’t the screams loud enough. I didn’t sign up for this when I had a Bat Mitzvah. I didn’t sign up for this when the police dragged me onto the road from an antifa protest and then hours later at the custody office I ended up urinating down my leg because the police wouldn’t untie my hands. I’ll tell you what I wasn’t thinking that day, or on any of the days when my friends were beaten and kettled and arrested and searched and harassed and subject to racial abuse, or on any day when I wake up and see on the news or on facebook the name of another Black or Brown or Muslim person massacred by the police.

I am not thinking, oh, I wish there were more police on the streets. I wish there were more police to protect me. More police to protect me, to protect me from terrorists. 

Eric Pickles, our lives are not there for your political capital. Theresa May, our culture is not ammunition for you to use against our Black, Brown and Muslim friends and families.


No, you're not. We don't want you either. Go away.
No, you’re not. We don’t want you either.

These lines need redrawing, and quick. It’s not like this game even makes any sense – Jews are also poor and policed and immigrants and unemployed. We aren’t homogenous, we aren’t unified, we aren’t represented by the Bored of Deps and we sure as hell aren’t represented by Eric Pickles and Theresa May. Let’s not forget either that many Jews are Black and Brown people too– and also Muslim, in mixed families. That Jews are also being priced out of London by Eric Pickles’ housing policies. That Jews are also having lives and families torn apart by Theresa May’s immigration policies.

paris no go zone


“No-Go Zones: The bearded ones rule Paris[and London]!” 
– “We can’t live here anymore – it got too expensive”.


Written with inspiration from and in solidarity with, among others:

Anti-Raids Network

London Black Revs

Tell MAMA (Measuring Anti-Muslim Attacks)

United Friends and Families Campaign

London Coalition Against Poverty and many local housing and welfare action groups


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    You had me right up to ” Written with inspiration from and solidarity with ……..Tell MAMA”

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