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Oppose The “Liberate Stamford Hill” Demo In Clapton

A group called National British Resistance are planning on holding an anti-Jewish rally in Clapton on March 22nd.

The demo – called “Liberate Stamford Hill” – is being organised by far-right nationalist Joshua Bonehill-Paine and calls for supporters to oppose “The Jewification of Great Britain” and “draw the public’s attention to the on-going Jewish Problem”.

Jewdas are calling for a counter-demonstration against the fascists.

We call on other anti-fascists and anti-racist groups and individuals to join us on the day.

More details to follow

Jewish Antifa

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38 thoughts on “Oppose The “Liberate Stamford Hill” Demo In Clapton”

  1. Date’s in the diary, thanks. God knows where these racists are crawling out of, but they need to know they’re not welcome.

  2. I grew up in Stamford Hill, and I love it to pieces – I will be at the counter-demo will bells on top.

  3. Richard Armbach

    la la la Me coming too. Lemme get this clear is it Clapton by the sea, Clapton Common or Clapham Common ? Tell you what we better hedge our bets and split into three. And we will need numbers. Maybe have a word with Maajid see if he can forward the word to his EDL mates ? They love a good counter demo . If only Geoff would express himself more clearly it would save the rest of us soooo much hassle

  4. A Hackney citizen on a FB thread called Anthony Harms wrote: The guy is on probation already for hate speech:
    A “moronic” hoaxer who claimed a pub had banned military personnel to avoid offending the immigrant population has been given a community order.
    The Globe, in Leicester, had to close temporarily after people threatened to firebomb the premises and kill or assault staff.
    Joshua Bonehill-Paine invented the claims on his website the Daily Bale.
    The unemployed 21-year-old must do 180 hours of unpaid work after admitting a charge of malicious communication.
    Bonehill-Paine, of Hudson Road, Yeovil, will also be supervised by the probation service for two years.
    He has described himself as “a rising star of the right-wing community”.
    He appeared at Yeovil Magistrates’ Court wearing a union flag tie and accompanied by his mother.

  5. It’s about time every Jewish person of Great Britain, United States, Canada, Israel, Italy, France and all other nations stand up for their rights to exist peacefully along side everyone else (hopefully without violence). Wish I could afford to be there with you for Great Britain is one of the countries I admire and respect, and would love to visit under any circumstance. It would be an honor for me to stand beside you during this plight. This prejudice has to stop in order to hopefully achieve peace among ourselves.

  6. You can tell them: Listen, you priggish, ignorant WHITE TRASH….for 3,400 years, all we of the Jewish Faith have asked of you is to simply LEAVE US ALONE. From Abraham on down, all you seem to be able to do is invade our country, burn the Lord’s Holy Temple to the ground, chase us from nation to nation, rob us, murder us, and generally make sport of us! WE fortunately enough for you, are tolerant and patient and allowing our Lord to deal with you! And, don’t think for one second that we didn’t notice that your antisemetic symbol is red, white, and black…the exact colors of the Nazi flag!!!

  7. its amazing because the VAST majority of people that live there that arent jewish, DONT have a problem with the jewish community there. SO go fuck yourself with your hatred

  8. I have lived in Hackney for 40 years around Stamford Hill. The Jewish community is the least offensive community you can imagine and a place of great tolerance and safety. This guy should not be allowed to lead a demonstration based on these lies and his past record.

  9. He’s just some slackjawed yokel kid. Here’s his info straight off the WHOIS database:
    Admin Email:
    Name: Joshua Bonehill-Paine
    Organization: Daily Bale
    City: Yeovil
    State/Province: Somserset
    Postal Code: Ba21 4aS
    Country: United Kingdom
    Phone: +44.75230082215

  10. Hopefully this will not go ahead but if it does I will be there to support the counter demo

  11. They aren’t necessarily fascists at all, that doesn’t even make any sense. The UK is not jewish ancestral lands and there are very wealthy people that have done things to earn ire from these people, they just don’t know where to point the finger so they become racial with it. Just leave them alone. Or better yet, simply teach them to take up their complaints with the press or start their own news station, instead of attacking the entire race. Calling european people fascists is asking for a race war. Get it through your heads. Europeans are becoming a minority and we simply can’t continue to use that against white racists in the future.

  12. “The Trap set for the Jews of France”

    Calling these people racists is literally like asking for the trap to be sprung on jews in the UK too. You can’t just give them the F word like that, they deserve to be able to understand their greivances. We can be better than that, gentler than that. You’re all asking for extremism by not offering them this respect.

  13. Probably all a stunt to try and get himself on Fox News along with their ‘Birmingham no go zone’ expert.

    Will be at the counter demo, please keep me updated on plans.

  14. @ Matt Scott. Your contractictory, Surly everybody is welcome? That’s the point! racists, dews, forengers, people who can’t spell… To accept all for what/who we are. No?

  15. Lawrence Cohen
    “You can tell them: Listen, you priggish, ignorant WHITE TRASH”. racism of the first order

  16. Have the police given the go-ahead for this? I was thinking it would be unlikely. But I live there too, and everyone’s right; he doesn’t know what he’s talking about, he’s just a trouble-maker from the boonies trying to draw attention to himself with bad behaviour. Stamford Hill/Clapton is getting along just fine we don’t need Joshua’s “help”. Hackney is a mixed area;- just how we like it!

  17.…/german-neo-nazis-tricked… – Why dont we get people to pledge cash for every mile these tossers walk to an anti hate charity. That way they every step they take they’re helping an amazing cause and screwing their own???

  18. Richard Armbach

    Dear God chill out folks. It’s one internet nut job. Are you going to hunt them all down ?

  19. Richard Armbach

    Have to say though I am getting very worried at @kleinfield
    . Looks to me like he has a political career in mind.LibDem MP for Haltemprice ?

  20. Clapton Common was a place of meeting and protest back in the day. The Agapemonites had their church nearby (it’s now a Georgian Orthodox Cathedral) and their leader Smyth-Piggott had declared himself the Messiah. Legend has it the crowds exhorted him to walk across the pond as proof, but he fled under police protection back home to St John’s Wood. So there’s a good local precedent for trying to dunk people in water.

    As many write above, Bonehill is a something of a lone prat and given that his picture of a Shomrim cop car purportedly in Stamford Hill is in fact Golders Green (there’s no Novellino’s in these parts), it’s possible he’ll never manage to find his way here anyway and will end up in Chelsea where they’re welcome to him.

  21. Julie Merrifield

    Lawrence Cohen please do not use phrases like “White Trash” it makes you as bad as them, the Majority of “WhiteTrash” would be on your side in this.

  22. Does anyone know if this march is actually going to take place? I have decided to donate £5 to Stamford Hill Shomrim for every participant that turns up. Already have been inundated on Twitter by people wanting to donate and will set up a “Justgiving” page as soon as I know the numbers. Let’s turn something negative into something positive!

  23. Oy Vey! It’s another Shoah! The clock is ticking, Yids. The goyim are waking up. You have no future in Europe.

  24. If I lived in London I’d be into going to the ‘Jewification’ event. Good luck with it. I came across your site while writing a list of dates for my peace/justice group who are all antifa types. Another site showed a group of English Drain Lickers (or similar) who ‘broke into a pub in Derby’. Unfortunately for them, they were holding their banner upside down. Are they and Bonehead/Griffin/Farage related by any chance? I grew up in Leicester and didn’t properly encounter fascists till I moved away; and suddenly there were NF tags painted everywhere, and fascists of all kinds beating people up (including me and people I knew). I think their main problem is that every fascist in the country is on a timeshare scheme with Fascism’s one brain cell, so each only borrows it for a few minutes.

  25. Looks as though not much is happening, if anything at all. Police are present. Guess the ‘Liberate’ fascists realised it would be pointless to turn up.

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