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Oppose the Nazi Demo in Golders Green

On 4th July, fascist extremists plan once again to target the Jewish community.

They will be attempting to march through Golders Green. We will not let them.

Jewdas will be there to oppose this march.

We encourage you to join us.

Join us at Golders Green Station at midday on 4th July. Confirm your attendance on Facebook:

No pasaran.

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17 thoughts on “Oppose the Nazi Demo in Golders Green”

  1. Racism, provocative behaviour with intolerance and incitement to hatred in the cover up name of free speech cannot be tolerated.

  2. Matt Goldborough

    The police claim they will be defending the Nazi right to protest. But what is it they are protesting? The sole reason for their protest is anti semitic. Intimidation. The police protected the EDL protest in Walthamstow on 9th May and pushed local counter protectors off their own streets. We must organise for the 4th July.

    They shall not pass

  3. Matt Goldborough

    And so should we be too. We must oppose these Nazi scum wherever they organise. We must make the slogan they shall not pass and never again a reality.

  4. Alexander Forsyth

    Golders Green has been London Jewish quarter since before I can remember and I am a fifty eight year old gentleman residing in Scotland! So I take it what I’m trying to say is that most of these so-called Nazis have less of a British identity than that of your average Jew from Golders Green a place which I only heard of because of its Jewishness and that was when I was a young boy who had never been further than Glasgow, so what I hope you have gleaned from my e-mail is that these mindless fools should be given a lesson in the history of the social fabric of the place they intend to protest and so indeed should the persons responsible for allowing such a protest to happen. I am all for freedom of expression but when the expressing is hate-filled lies whose only point is to antagonise the people who’s streets they wish to demonstrate on then surely it’s very obvious that this is all wrong and for sanity’s sake it should be stopped and banned from even happening, please think of the type of message allowing this purvey and stop it now, before its too late, or have we learned nothing from our past, Shalom from bonnie Scotland.

  5. Peeps need to wake up. The knuckle-dragging, skinhead BNP days are over. Nick Griffin was crushed. We now face a movement sourced deep in academia and the establishment aimed at bringing down our democracy. It’s staggering how the Jewish press and the left and the communists are asleep to a growing threat.

  6. Matt Goldborough

    Fortunately the knuckledragging days of Griffin and BNP are over because people opposed them on the street and electorally. Just as the days of the BUF and the National front are over for the same reason. However Webster and Stampton have tied themselves to Golden Dawn UK and they are still dragging their buckles aided by the UK state. That is why we Jew and Gentile, Muslim christian black or white male and female. Gay or straight have got to make “They shall not pass” a reality in Golders Green on the 8th July.

    Anti semitism and racism are deep in the ideology of the ruling class and the UK state. There is nothing new there but the format just gets rejigged over time. Today they are targeting Muslims and other so called extremists ” ie us”… Tomorrow will be another division…

  7. Matt Goldborough

    Sorry tomorrow. Is today and the government are now attacking European Workers…for taking “our” jobs homes benefits schools hospital places etc…

  8. “Source says Bonehill was pushed aside by Eddie Stampton of New Dawn, apparently an affiliate of Golden Dawn in Greece but suspected front for Golden Shade (postulated title still unconfirmed) suspected secret group, still unpenetrated within the British establishment with historical links to the early Monday Club and old recalcitrant, racist and xenophobic elements in army, police, academia including anti-democratic, national socialist establishment heirs of supporters of King Edward VIII within the aristocracy. At this stage two names seem to be linked, lady Michele Renouf and Frank Ellis formerly of Leeds university, Ellis said to be a liaison with academics inside several universities including Oxford. Pending reports.”

  9. Matt Goldborough

    What the fuck…. Does any body moderate this website… Since when does it allow anti semites on to it and have access to our names…

  10. I think it would be a mistake to attempt to stop them from marching. I want to live in a country where anyone can march. I don’t want anyone – of any race, creed, or political prersuasion – deciding which organisations are “acceptable” and which not because that way lies suppression and dogmatism. But that’s ONLY PROVIDED that noone, but none, can say a word to encourage violence against or the withdrawal of rights from any one group. It’s when someone starts encouraging violence or loss of rights that I draw the line.

    Here’s a radical idea – invite anyone who is non-Jewish to stand with you and line the streets while they pass, to stand with you and between them on the road and your shops and homes which may need protecting. You’d find a huge number of non-Jewish people prepared to stand with you to show their support – and the show of strength would remind these fools that they are hugely outnumbered by common decent folk, Jewish or non-Jewish. You are not alone – let us join you in showing these fools that they are outnumbered by those who are tolerant and supportive.

  11. PalestineTirTairngire

    Not sure I am clear about Jewdas’ position here. By ” oppose ” do you mean demonstrate against or work to have banned or something else ?

  12. Matt Goldborough

    Oppose by any means necessary… the state to ban…or pick ax handles..don’t give a toss really at this stage..their pathetic demo was moved because of popular dissent and opposition… So we can big up ourselves on that one..but we must drive this anti semitic scum back into their sewer..

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