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Our Statement On Our Seder

While we remain opposed to the monarchy, we were delighted that the leader of Her Majesty’s Opposition, Jeremy Corbyn accepted our invitation to join the Jewdas community Seder. Jeremy was a 10/10 guest and provided delicious maror from his allotment.

In 1812 the British Government designated Jewdas to be the sole representative body for British Jews. We fulfill our role of being the voice for Anglo-Jewry by writing funny tweets, holding great parties and passing on the memes which we receive from God, via Geoffrey Cohen.

Sadly our God-given right to be the sole spokespeople for Anglo-Jewry is not respected by many heretical organisations which are known as ‘The Jewish Establishment’.

One such organisation is the dangerous fringe group which calls itself ‘The Bored of Deputies’. They continue to insist that their outdated and niche views represent all Jews.

We have been campaigning against antisemitism on the Left and the Right for many years. Like, way before it was popular. We have run anti-antisemitism workshops in such far flung corners as Marseille and Bloomsbury, opposed neo-Nazi demos in Stamford Hill and Golders Green, produced and distributed information on how to criticise Israel WITHOUT being antisemitic, demonstrated against left-antisemite Gilad Atzmon, and most importantly mercilessly took the piss out of Ken Livingstone. You could call us trend setters.

We are not happy with the Jewish Establishment, but we remain deeply involved in many synagogues and communal organisations (although this is mostly for the free food). We are unhappy with the pervasive antisemitism that still remains on the Left but continue to remain very much involved because we are committed to a better world and a better Left, and believe that the only way to tackle antisemitism is to keep fighting for our rights in the diaspora.

We are thrilled to be getting so much attention that Stephen Pollard was forced to admit we are a legitimate part of the Jewish community.


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38 thoughts on “Our Statement On Our Seder”

  1. Hello!

    I just came here to have a gander because of all the Corbyn hooha but I wanted to say that I very much appreciate your irreverent satirical style. I wish more people (and organisations) took themselves a bit less seriously and left room for nuance and humour in their discussions about the big important things.

    All the best


  2. Daniel Robinson

    As a Yachad supporter – you will likely know its core principles – would like to know what your position is on Israel please?

    A right of return, the inevitable consequence of BDS, might be a principled ideological position, but it would also be a recipe for civil war that would make Syria look peaceful.

  3. It was indeed a great Seder, enjoyed every minute of it and especially the yammi desert curtsy of the ZeFUK, Board of Deputeez, and the Jewish ליימך Movment.

  4. What a GREAT statement and achieved without excessive capitalisation, from an organisation that, until yesterday, I didn’t know existed! Thank you right-wing media and anti-Corbyn BBC news for informing me of this valuable resource, which I will certainly not be WITHOUT in future.
    Yours in Solidarity
    An Admirer

  5. Thank you Jewdas. You are a ray of hope. Keep speaking out. The pretence that there is only one Jewish voice is at the heart of racism.

  6. “We have … produced and distributed information on how to criticise Israel WITHOUT being antisemitic”

    Where is this available now, may I ask ? Can’t find it on your website at the previous link.



  7. Very pleased to find out about you. All the very best and look forward to hearing more.

  8. I have read some alleged comments posted on social media attributing the following statements to your organisation called Judas
    Here are two alleged statements
    “Israel is a stinking heap of shit and must be properly eliminated”
    Prayer in Hagaddah
    “God destroy Israel”
    I can’t say if these are the exact words used but they convey the essence of these statements. Are these statements correct and produced by Jewdas Or are they false news not issued by yourselves

  9. John Spannyard Indaworks

    Enuff is enuff – already!!! Another goyim who came to gander, as eager to see what the Bored of Deputies considered to be the “wrong” type of Jew – I assume that must be a variation on the mythical “self hating” type. What a jolly, funny, and level headed bunch you are! As a resident of Spain I thoroughly approve of your 2015 foray into Andalusia with wine on the beach and more wine (and hopefully some food) in the hills. You’re a credit to your community and like JVL, you have my wholehearted support, – those who think differently are curmudgeonly bah humbug, dullards on the wrong side of history!

  10. Michel le Rouge

    I’m writing to say ay up from Nottingham (though I have to admit I was born in Hackney). Not being at all religious, I haven’t come across you lot before, but am greatly encouraged by what I see. One question though: do you agree with the Chief Rabbit that secular Jews aren’t really Jewish at all?

  11. I live across the puddle in New England. I was led to Jewdas by my affinity for Jeremy Corbyn, and my ever-increasing vigilance towards the “anti-semitism” slander as a tool of pro-Netenyahu establishment politics. What a happy surprise to find a bunch of left-thinking yids with a sense of right, fun and the absurd. I wanna join a birthwrong.

  12. What the *** is John Lansman going on about, implying JC some how sleep walked his way to you passover seder when ‘his office’ wasn’t noticing. Arrogant or what? It seems to me that if you come well supplied with allotment produce, this does imply some degree of planning and free will. Mr Lansmann should stop pretending he is some how the puppet master of the left. For many he has been a joke for some time and is an even bigger joke tonight.

    Be aware that momentum up and down the country is refusing to support Corbyn on all this and is sitting on its arse, sorry hands.

  13. the Marseilles trip ala its philosophically well imbibed drinking bout as the culmination of a wonderful gestalt switch will help improve your perspective of reality no end
    let it rip

  14. Very happy that the cynicism of others has led me here. I stand in solidarity with you and yours.

  15. Just when I thought there was some serious opposition to the pro-Israel Jewery in country ,who support whole heartedly the appalling treatment of the Palestinians. I find it is just a fun organisation. I thought at last there was a group I could support in my wish to see justice in the middle east. When I see Israel treating Palestinians as Germany treated the Jews. Goodbye.
    Ex-Israeli supporter (Albeit at time of 6 day war.)

  16. How wonderful to be guided to you via the hyped up crap in the mainstream media. I thought I was the only one…………
    So nice to know you guys are out there.
    Keep up the good work!

  17. > would like to know what your position is on Israel please?

    Is the position allowed to be nuanced?

  18. How well the right wing establishment has you buried. All I knew was the Jewry and bore of deputies. But the truth all ways surfaces. You are not jewdas but jewels. No way had I heard of a body of Jewry being the UK estab selected voice for UK Jewry. I spent 3 months last year studying Judaism and Zionism. The UK chief rabbi on BBC expressed ” Judaism and Zionism are exact opposites” the proof is the old testament ” you shall treat the stranger as one of you” something Israeli leadership likes to forget. You are cracking bunch of people and thanks to the right for giving you exposure. I heard of Jewish voice for peace but not jewdas. Carry right on.much applause and joy for you.

  19. This really cuts to the core of identity politics. If as a Jew, there is contention over what group membership should entail politically, and as a gay man, I see the same tensions, then we can presume that there are similar contradictions amongst all other identity groups.

    There need not be an official identity position on anything short of what we in the US call civil rights, legislative malice targeted at members of an identity group. Once that immediacy has been dispensed with, we become human beings with our own unique values, priorities and aspirations. Identity is an effective instrument of oppression and not very useful for full emancipation.

    As far as becoming “woke” to the crimes of Zionism, that happened not by being called out. Nope, in the 1980s during a radical ferment in Austin, Texas, I got to know some Palestinians who spent the time working with me to walk me through the issue. Political feminists took the time to do the same thing.

    Person-to-person organizing is how we change minds and win hearts. That’s how LGBT emerged in the US over the past few decades, punctuated by in-your-face, but mostly atomized anarchic comings out to friends, family, coworkers and community. Contemporary internet communication does not lend itself readily to building social revolution in this manner but that is what I’ve found to work best.

  20. Jeff McCracken-Hewson

    Well done, Jewdas. Well done Jeremy for going to your Seder. Well done right wing establishment for once again shooting yourselves in the foot.

  21. How wonderful to have discovered you guys. I would like to thank Jeremy Corbyn for putting a light on your organization and I’ll extend my thanks to the MSM demagogues and attack dogs out there, who, without their most unscrupulous perseverance, would not have aroused my curiosity about jewdas. Hip, hip, hurray!

  22. I really like your web site and what you are setting out to do!

    Well done for getting the leader of the opposition to your seder. WOW

    You are a really important asset to the communtity.

    Can I ask you use your wit humour satire political connections and skills towards Presidents Putin and Assad and their ruthless collaborative gassing of native Syrian children and their families. I don’t think Israel do anything like this and it is so much worse. You really need to get a message to Jeremy (Corbyn) that rather than spend his energy on such a small country as Israel there are bigger and more hideous problems out there.

  23. Vile. The only wird that describes your pathetic little band of Marxists. Deluded fools who are probably all benefit claiming Guardian reading Labour voters.Probabaly a bunch of non-binary fat acceptance vegan museli crunchers.

    God bless the State of Israel and the IDF. God bless the Queen and Donald Trump.

    You may me want to vomit.

  24. Excuse me,all you jewdas sandal wearing, greasy ponytail wearing, self-hating vegan mush-heads, excuse my ignorance but in what way are you Jewish?? Yes, answer me, what makes you worthy of the title JEW??

  25. Paul said:

    Vile. The only wird that describes your pathetic little band of Marxists. Deluded fools who are probably all benefit claiming Guardian reading Labour voters.Probabaly a bunch of non-binary fat acceptance vegan museli crunchers. God bless the State of Israel and the IDF. God bless the Queen and Donald Trump.
    You may me want to vomit.

    Presumably he meant “make” (and wasn’t addressing Theresa May!)

    Anyway, happy vomitting Paul!

    PS I actually came to your site Jewdasians because I was hoping to find a categorical denial of the claims made (at the time of the Seder) by the Sun and the Times (and no doubt elsewhere) that you were chanting “fxxk the police’ and ‘fxxk the army’. Perhaps it’s somewhere else on your website, but then again I would have thought the ideal place to put such a denial would be in the above article. I don’t believe for one billisecond that THAT happened, but it would be good to get/see an official denial from your good selves (or your bad selves if you prefer). Take care, and mind how you grow.

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