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An Interventionist’s Pesach Toolbox

Want to stir things up at your family seder? Not ready to launch a full scale occupation of the living room? Read on…….. put up a great post a couple of years ago which listed a whole load of lefty, critical Haggadahs that you could download and print out if you wanted to take direct action against your family’s usual humdrum seder night. In the interests of encouraging such actions, we’re reposting their list here, with a couple of additions.

HAGGADAHS (listed alphabetically by name)

After Exodus: Living the Lessons of Passover by Jews Against the Occupation

The Anonymous Hagaddah – A Synthesis of the Passover Ritual and Liturgy with the Twelve Steps of Recovery by JACS, Jewish Alcoholics, Chemically Dependent Persons, and Significant Others.

GLBT Passover Haggadah by JQ International

Haggadah for Pesach by the Velveteen Rabbi

Four More Questions for Pesach from Jewish Voice for Peace

Hyper-Secular, No-God, No-Haggadah Seder by Dena Marger & Daniel Lang/Levitsky

In Search of Freedom: Exploring Common Ground Passover Haggadah by the Milwaukee Area Jewish Committee’s African-American-Jewish Task Force

Love & Justice in Times of War Haggadah by Micah Bizant & Dara Silverman

New Freedom Seder for the Earth by the Shalom Center

Also check out the Original 1969 Freedom Seder text online!

On the Road to Freedom Haggadah remixed by Joseph Gindi and Emilia Diament from a number of the other haggadahs listed here.

The PowerPoint Haggadah

The Seder: Beth Adam Haggadah (thanks to twitter!)

INSERTS & SUPPLEMENTS: (Listed Alphabetically by Organization)

J Street: Four More Questions

Jewish Funds for Justice: Escape from the New Mitzrayim

Jewish Social Justice Network: Passover Social Justice Resources

Jewish Voice for Peace: Mah Nishtana. Questioning at the Seder Table.

Kulanu: Four Questions with a translation into Ladino

Progressive Jewish Alliance: Be the first into the Red Sea

Rabbis for Human RightsPassover and Human Rights Interfaith PerspectivesPassover, Gaza and Human RightsWho sits with Us at the Pesach Table


Planter’s High Hat Peanut Oil’s ’46 Ways to a Better Passover’ (narrated by an anthropomorphised Peanut. In a top hat.)

Manischewitz’ Pesach Cookbook (circa. 1944!)

Sholem Aleichem’s ‘Passover Eve Vagabonds’

Many thanks to Cole Krawitz @ jvoices!

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4 thoughts on “An Interventionist’s Pesach Toolbox”

  1. p.s., my favourite is the Love & Justice in Times of War Haggadah – a melting pot of gender, labour, migrant and anti-military politics brought together in a way that actually intensifies the spirituality of passover; rather than dampens it, as politics all too often does.

  2. I guess I’m kinda conservative, with a small “c”. I’ve been to seders where the Haggada went on and on about slavery > freedom, i.e., stop jabbering on already and just DO IT! The Tannaim wrote the Haggada 1,500 years ago, so the script is there and in my opinion doesn’t need embellishment.

  3. Again to michael, as for taknig over the world,,,, go ahead and read the koran (islams hole-y book). It starts out by telling you NOT to READ it, some one smarter than you will tell you what to think,,,,,, and goes on to explain that ONLY islam is permitted in the world and ALL other religions MUST be wiped out. In other words, unlike the JEWS who only want one small piece of land at the eastern end of the Mediteranian sea, islam’s aim as stated in the koran is to TAKE OVER THE WHOLE WORLD,,,, wether you like it or not,,,,,,,,, I read the book,,,,,,

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