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Pollard strikes out in bold new direction

Screenshot of the hacked JC Site

In an unusual and bold editorial move, Stephen Pollard today launched his one-man crusade to counteract the perceived pro-Israeli bias in the mainstream Jewish press. In a shock move, the frontpage of the JC website currently (17.01.10) sports a Palestinian flag and urges readers to stop devouring people’s wealth by false pretences. Pollard also asks readers to reconsider their support for vampires.

It seems that since Pollard’s intervention, the site has been updated, to suggest that the surprising text is the result of Palestinian hackers. But a cursory glance at the quality of journalism reveals Pollard’s trademark syntax and style. Jewdas can only conclude that the new heading is the handiwork of some fine and efficient hasbara. If only all jews were so vigilant, our support for the vampire could remain unabated.

Media analyst and teenage hearthrob Neil Lazarus was quick to comment stating ‘This is shocking. [He paused pretentiously] What we have here  is clear proof that the jews have finally lost control of the media, what next? With financial institutions in free-fall. International Communism on the wane and Democrats in the White House our traditional strangle-hold on power is becoming more and more precarious.’

Whilst the Board of Deputies has been quick, on consulting their Handbook of Antisemitsm, to decry the editorial as racist, citing especially the sections on usury and vampires, Independent Jewish Voices, finally emerging from Hampstead Starbucks countered ‘yet again, legitimate criticism of Israel is labelled anti-semitism in a knee-jerk attempt to de-limit the hermeneutic space surrounding the Zionist entity.’

Stephen Pollard was unavailable for comment.

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4 thoughts on “Pollard strikes out in bold new direction”

  1. Avatar photo

    From the JC website:
    ‘Early indications are that the perpetrator was operating from a computer in Turkey. ‘

    No shit, Sherlock. What unflagging journalism.

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