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Stop Involving British Jews in the Conflict!

Jewdas Statement at the Board of Deputies and Jewish Leadership Council 'Town Hall Meeting' 13/8/14

Stop Involving British Jews in the Conflict! 

In a time when some supporters of the Palestinian cause fail to distinguish between the actions of the
state of Israel and Jews around the world, we oppose the blurring of this distinction by the Board of Deputies.

When the Board of Deputies and the Jewish Leadership Council act as ambassadors for the Netanyahu government they
imply that diaspora Jews are connected to the conflict. Not only is this wrong, it puts us all in danger. 

Jewish communal bodies should not take a partisan position on this war, about which there are a range of 
divergent views within the Jewish community. Rather they should focus on building bridges in the UK, 
especially with the country's Muslim community, to make sure a conflict in the Middle East does not 
divide communities here.
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2 thoughts on “Stop Involving British Jews in the Conflict!”

  1. Excellent comment. British Jewry’s future lies with a broad alliance with other faith groups, particularly Muslims, in the UK.

    If only the Board of Deputies had such foresight instead of cheerleading Netanyahu’s corrupt govt as though it were the voice of Anglo-Jewry. Here’s an article from Haaretz by the renowned Israeli scholar, Zeev Sternhell, who has identified what he calls ‘Israel’s descent into fascism’ over this war in Gaza.

  2. This is absolutely accurate – does the Chief Rabbi speak for Judaism as a religion, or does he speak for Israel? If it’s the latter he therefore sees any criticism of Israel as antisemitism. This is now wearing thin. I am no longer intimidated by the allegations of antisemitism because they are just a cover for Israeli thuggery.

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