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Surf, kishke, shteyt oyf

FIRST THE BACON BAGEL, now a Jewish neo-Nazi movement straight out of Mill Hill! Could the Messiah be any further away? Will he arrive on jet skis? Will an ‘ooo the fuck is alla?!!?!’ brigade help usher in the biblical era of peace?

Yes says a real-life surfer rabbi from California, who’ll be joining the Jewish division of Britain’s new fascist movement, the English Defence League, on a show of love outside the Israeli embassy this Sunday.

Since the far-right finally realised that voting for an enormous blabbering kishke was sooo 2009, the trend-setters went all retro, shaved their heads, dug out the ol’ jackboots and set up the the EDL. This isn’t just a new street look: these boys in red and white face-paint rock ‘Street A.R.M.Y.’. Only this time they’ve decided they like Jews… or, well, Israelis… no… make that the Israeli state. When it’s feeling all anxy in particular. And maybe some are ok with the existence of gays and women, if they’re into pasty skin. BUT definitely NOT MUSLIMS.

We call on Jews, non-Jews and especially anyone who knows what going “goofy foot” means to protest against the EDL and the Malibu Beach Surfer Rabbi – aka Rabbi Nachum Shifren, a rabbi whose declaration of “war to the death against multiculturalism” surely ranks amongst the more masochistic urges of recent Jewish thought.

The EDL are blatantly using certain minorities as sticks to beat others with. First it’s the Muslims they’re after, under the cover of fighting for women’s or gay rights, next us all. Their support for Israel is clearly based on its relationship with Muslims and Arabs, which, lets face it, is hardly jovial, and is not something which should sanely be mimicked in the UK.

Yidn, regardless of our different opinions on That Country Over There, (Birobidizhan, where else?) Friday nights in this country over here aren’t going to be too cushty for any of us shtetl-Jews if the British far right grow in strength and racial tensions increase. It’s really high time we start putting some darity on the end a Sollys falafel and stood up in solidarity (get it?) with the Muslim community. Our fate in the diaspora is inextricably linked with other so called ‘Semites’. If we just leave it to our hapless ‘leadership’ to stand up against the shmendriks of society, well, we’ll all be kishkes sooner or later.

Join the counter-EDL demonstration outside the Israeli embassy this Sunday 24 October, 26 Kensington High Street, London, 10:30am SHARP. The EDL demonstration officially begins at 11am.

Shteyt oyf, and all that.


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5 thoughts on “Surf, kishke, shteyt oyf”

  1. This Nachum is completely mad, check out his articles:

    ‘Home Grown Terror’ is particularly mental. His proposal for dealing with rebellious youth:

    “For those students that cannot, or will not abide by the above, then there’s “Tent City.” After they’ve felonized or otherwise lost their privilege to live in society, they can remain in the desert, housed with simple army tents, surrounded by barbed wire. Since they didn’t learn in school and showed their disdain for the taxpayers who have been nursing them along at a rate of $12,000/year, essentially ripping off the taxpayers, then they will be forced to accept real consequences for their decision to rape, pillage, burglarize, or otherwise jeopardize their fellow citizens. There, with enough food to stay alive, they’ll be taught how to be a man or young lady, with skills to abet their re-introduction to society. If they become tired of the spartan conditions therein, then that will be their motivation to never return.”

    Remind anyone else of a certain frozen-wasteland initiative for dealing with certain dissidents??

    This guy’s a teacher! Or, well, a PE teacher.

  2. I guess publishing this on a website the night before the protest is better than nothing – but not that much better than nothing!
    What happened to whoever writes for this website? There used to be regular brilliant articles. Has Israeli politics / Anglo-Jewry become so boring no comment is needed?

  3. I didn’t thought that any of the non American Jews will be stupid enough to join forces with the Muslims , that are ready to cook you on a small fire camp.
    You should be wise enough to understand that the “cool” thing to do is to join forces with the BNP, or such.
    Always please to welcome you in Israel.


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