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Tell Finchley Synagogue: Don’t host Settler Companies

A week after Netenyahu announced $35 million more dollars for settlements, Finchley Kinloss Synagogue are hosting a “property investment exhibition” with a whole host of settler companies.

The event, on May 17th, is set to host a number of companies who build property illegally in the West Bank. We think this conference is a serious mistake. We are urging British Jews to write to them to register your concern.

Please e-mail

The synagogue: and its rabbi, Jeremy Lawrence:

There is suggested text below. If you decide to write your own, please remember to keep it civil and polite. We believe Finchley Kinloss Synagogue have made an honest mistake, and hold out hope that they will cancel this event.


Suggested text

Dear Rabbi Lawrence,

I am writing to you, as a British Jew, to raise my deep concern about your choice to host the “Israeli Property Investment Exhibition” on May 17th. This exhibition includes a number of companies who are involved in the expansion of illegal settlements in the West Bank.

For example, My Jerusalem and Anglo-Saxon both sell properties in East Jerusalem; Israel HomeNet sells in Hashmonaim, inside the West Bank; Alex Losky sells in Maale Adumim. All of these settlements have been criticised by Jewish human rights organisations in Israel.

I believe that, by hosting this conference, you are inadvertently sending out the dangerous message that British Jews support the occupation and the expansion of settlements. I do not think that a synagogue should be involved in hosting such a conference.

I urge you to reconsider this event and to cancel it if at all possible.

Yours, in peace,


finchley kinloss settlers
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9 thoughts on “Tell Finchley Synagogue: Don’t host Settler Companies”

  1. you should do some homework- try reading and understanding the 4th Geneva convention. They are not illegal!

  2. This event could be seen as condoning the expansion of settlements in the West Bank and I do hope you will reconsider holding it.

  3. They are illegal, the 4th Geneva Convention says you can’t move civilians into occupied territory or change the geography of that territory. Letting Israelis move into the occupied territories, build settlements and roads, is quite clearly a breach.

    Also the same rules say you can’t remove occupied peoples from the territory, including prisoners. So taking Palestinians prisoner into jails within Israel is also illegal.

  4. So Jews aren’t welcomed in Europe because we’re Semites. “PA Chairman Mahmoud Abbas’ Fatah movement reiterated the same message – that there is no room for Israel next to “Palestine” – by stating: “Palestine means the entire national land, from the [Jordan] River to the [Mediterranean] Sea. The_land_is_for_us Palestine”
    [Facebook, “Fatah – The Main Page,” April 8, 2015]

  5. yyyyaaawwwnnn people don’t live in history or narratives they live in situations so who gives a flying fuck about he Geneva Conventions.

  6. Some people wish to learn, others only to be reinforced in their prejudices. For those still interested in understanding the Geneva Conventions, it is important to know that they were established after the Second World war when the world stood aghast at the horrors perpetrated by the Nazis and their occupation of European countries. They were established precisely to protect the vulnerable at the mercy of powerful armies. So all who believe in human rights have a responsibility to support the Geneva conventions. Of course those who believe that might is right can try to dismiss them, but then they will have to take their chances if ever they are in need of protection and the might they worship is not available.

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