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United Synagogue cold calls against Labour

Are these practices learnt from Board of Deputies 'elections'?

Don’t you get fed up with anti-semites going on about the “Jewish vote”? Why should it be assumed that just because we are Jews that we all share the same political views or regard the same political matters as important? Many Jews I know vote out of fundamental values and convictions but they are as different from each other as could be imagined. Some Jews believe that what politicians say about the Middle East is important, some of them will be looking for very pro-Israel statements, others will be looking for politicians who will support peace for Palestinians and Israelis and get very put off by candidates who try to shmooze their Jewish constituents by being ultra-Zionist. Many Jews I know don’t give a monkeys what politicians are saying about a conflict thousands of miles away but will look at what they say about the BNP here, about cuts to public spending, about health care and education – and so on.

But what would you think if your synagogue – that, I shouldn’t need to remind you, people do not join for political reasons, phones you a few days before the election, to tell you NOT to a vote for your local Labour candidate?

That is what has happened to the members of South Hampstead United synagogue. I know that because someone close to me was officially called up by this synagogue with this precise instruction.

South Hampstead Synagogue has used its handy membership list to cold call its members and tell them not to vote for Glenda Jackson, the local Labour candidate.

Regardless of the illegality of contravening the Data Protection Act – what an outrage, what an absolute chutzpah, and what a gift to the antisemites who go on about “Jewish lobbies” and “Jewish votes”!

Thank you very much for the advice, South Hampstead. You crystallised the decision for at least one of your congregation, who was wavering but as a result of your disgraceful intervention decided to support Glenda!

South Hampstead’s Rabbi is Shlomo Levin, their telephone number is 020 7722 1807 and their email is Do get in touch to let them know what you think of this, and ask them what the hell they thought they were doing.

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6 thoughts on “United Synagogue cold calls against Labour”

  1. hi Gwendolen, I would be interested to know what these ”fundamental values and convictions” are of the many jews you know. Are you talking about the standard peace,freedom and liberty with a smattering of respect for fellow earthlings? If so, how could voting for any of the ‘candidates’ hope to bring about such a social enviroment?
    Glenda probably is a good person, but she is a paid up member of the murdering scum who cause atroicities on a daily basis, and to be fair, they all are.
    There is a common mantra with all the power mongers ” Do as we say or else you will be crushed”
    Jewish lobbies do exist, and they wield a firm power base in all three main parties under the title of FRIENDS OF ISRAEL. I ask myself how could anyone vote for a party with affiliations to such disgraceful regime.
    Mr Levin knows full well, a vote for one of the main three, is a vote for Israel.
    I share your distaste at the synagogues abuse of position, yet another example of zionist
    Thanks for bringing this to light, I’m reaching for the phone now.

  2. Avatar photo

    Funny question? Have you read the post? It says: “They are as different from each other as could be imagined.” Since you didn’t get the point, it is that Jews are as diverse in their views as anyone else.
    You are describing an Israel lobby, not a “Jewish lobby”, since Friends of Israel are not all Jews. Indeed, some of Israel’s best friends, especially in the States, are foaming at the mouth Christian fundamentalists.
    Now I don’t know why South Hampstead Synagogue abused their membership list to campaign against the incumbent Labour MP because they didn’t tell the person I heard it from. It may have been “Zionist under-handedness”, as you suggest, but it was definitely patronising, intrusive, unethical and very probably illegal as well. All of which I might be able to stomach if these rabbis didn’t claim to be our moral guardians.

  3. ha ha oops! I see what you mean. I read ” they ” as referring to your friends and not their vals and cons.
    Indeedy, not all FoI are jews, and yes they are bezzi mates with rabbid christian fundies as evidenced on the CAMERA site:
    ”Once your own community has been sufficiently educated about the problems, move on to the wider community, and build alliances with other pro-Israel groups, such as evangelical Christians.” ( bottom of page.
    After reading through the site at the above link, it is understandable that one might see only a thin veil between an IL and a JL, especially when you take a look at the membership list, with great impartial luminaries as the one and only, don’t cha just luv him, mr Dershowitz
    It’s not a pre-requisite to be jewish, to be a member or supporter of the Jewish Lobby.
    Anyways, thanks for pointing out my mis-read, good call if you had a bet on Glenda.

  4. Thanks for writing this up Gwendolen. Its really interesting to see how the shuls, especially the United shul, is becoming more and more actively political. You have to wonder what kind of under the table power or money deal was struck between the tories and south hampstead synagogue for them to do such a thing.

    @Mazza: Maybe I’m just too tired, but I’m boggled by all your abbreviations. Fol, bezzi, vals, cons… U wot?

  5. alta fyi – for your information
    FoI – friends of Israel
    bezzi (scouse) – best
    vals and cons – values and convictions – in reference to what Gwendolen wrote.
    Sorry about that, I was in a rush. Are you a teacher by any chance?
    Here’s a programme which may shed light on why and how shuls are getting more political. An interesting exchange between the rabbi and Dawkins.

  6. I once had the misfortune to be at the same location as Ms. Jackson for an extended period of time. I found her to be a Stalinist thug and hateful towards Israel. Why wouldn’t any reasonable organization, let alone a Jewish one, advise against voting for her?

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