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Upcoming Birbeck Conference

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This conference, the first of its kind in the UK, addresses the remarkable projects of certain groups working in Gaza, Israel and the West Bank involved in joint resistance to ongoing military conflict and occupation. Working for mental health and human rights on the front lines involving military aggression, internal group violence, systemic interference with basic human rights, brutalization on many fronts and deep pessimism on all sides, speakers will address any and all resources for combined resistance and shared hope, whether close to home or coming from abroad. The recent catastrophic attack on the civilian population of Gaza, at the eye of the storm of sites of conflict in Western eyes, makes this event both critical and significant.


*Survival and Non-Violent Resistance in Gaza and the West Bank

*Psychoactive Political Resistance in Israel.

*Possibilities and Limitations of Therapeutic Approaches to Conflict Resolution.

*The Politics of Apology and other forms of Acknowledgement

*Denial in the Face of Atrocity

*Mental Attrition of Activists

*Diasporic and all other Forms of Support for Peace from Afar.

Speakers: Mohamed Altawil; Nissim Avissar; Sami Awaida;  Jessica Benjamin; Tova Buksbaum; Bea Campbell; Stan Cohen; Yasmeen Daher; Stephen Frosh; Uri Hadar; Seamas Heaney; Maureen Hetherington; Samah Jabr; Ghada Karmi; Adah Kay; Yehudit Keshet; Keith Kahn-Harris; Richard Kuper; Elana Lakh; Moshe Landsman; Tony Lerman; Sheila Melzak; Mohamad Mukhaimar; Rateb Abu Rahmeh; Jacqueline Rose; Jihan Salem; Andrew Samuels;  Eyad el Sarraj; Lynne Segal; Felicity de Zulueta.

Cost:    Standard  –  £70      Birkbeck staff/all students/unwaged  –  £35
Payment is by credit/debit card.  Booking Form here

All other forms of payment, please contact Julia Eisner
Thursday 15th & Friday 16th October – Room B34 Birkbeck Main Building.  Programme tbc.

In collaboration with Psychosocial Studies (Birkbeck)
Sponsored by: Barry Amiel & Norman Melburn Trust; FFIPP-UK; IJV.

also note (cheaper!) pre event:

Pre-conference event: Sacrifice and the unconscious in history
14th October, 2009
Friends House
Euston Road, 7.30
Sacrifice and the unconscious in history
School of Psychosocial Studies, Birkbeck Institute of Social Research, Friends House
Uri Hadar, Stephen Frosh, Eyad El Saraj,
Chair Lynne Segal
£10 employed; £5 unemployed (pay at door).

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  1. thanks for advertising the conference, BT, wishing you & Jewdas all good things, lynne

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