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Update from the Barricades of Modernity & Wishes for a New Year

Guess who’s Feuerbach?

Yes it’s me.

Treasured comrades, it’s been a difficult few weeks. The end to our year is drenched in socialist sorrow.

The independence of the Liberated People’s Socio-Democratic Republic of Scotland has been thwarted, the 4th (or is it 5th?) bombing of Iraq has begun, the reactionary stooges that call themselves the FijiFirst party have been victorious in Fiji’s general election, and the long-awaited revolution has been further stalled.

In times like these khaverim, it is important to remain together and clasp each other, tightly, in hope.

Let us commemorate the martyr year of 5774, and usher in one anew.

Let 5775 be a wondrous, subversive, and unprivatized new year.

Let it be filled with health, fulfilment, and general strikes.

Let it be free of cronyism, misleadership and ethical underdevelopment.

L’shanah tovah u’metukah! Let us march forward into the winds of destiny!

With all of my weary heart, and all my atheist prayers for your joy,



PS: In more significant news, it’s taken a while, but Barberism, my very own mobile socialist hairdressers is now up and running.

Current styles include: the Cropotkin, the Maohawk, the Wage-Cut, the Bowlshevik, the Wilna wax, the Nietzshear, the Derridye, the Cashcrop, the Essouaira facelift, the Silver Mullet, the Full Marx, the Trotskyist fringe, and many more. Payot available upon pleading request. Facial styles include the Bookchin beard. Its great surplus value for money, and all cuts come with a complimentary wash and a free Revolotion sample.

So call 0800-HAIMHAIR now, to urgently book your personal appointment. Toda!


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1 thought on “Update from the Barricades of Modernity & Wishes for a New Year”

  1. “When the British ruled Israel they did every thing they could to deny the Jews a nation in spite of their pleedgd word and the League of nations mandate they held to create a Jewish state” At its height the British empire controlled 25% of the earth’s land and 33% of its population. To put this in perspective, the USA of today only has a fraction of the power the British empire held at the height of its power. Given the biblical promises to bless whoever blesses the Jewish people and to curse whoever curses the Jewish people might Britain’s decision in this regard have something to do with why Britain lost its empire? I think this is highly probable.”Anyone who thinks the Jews are going to willing give up Jerusalem again ought to seek psychiatric care.” I would add that anyone be they Gentile or Jewish leaders who would seek to rip this from the Jewsih people will not have a good ending. This is the divine heritage of the Jewish people and should not be negoitated away nor should any one expect the Jewish people to negotiate this away. Finally, unlike prior to WWII Israel has a strong, well trained, well armed, and well led military that is likely armed with nuclear weapons. Any one who would attempt to go against them will meet a very bad ending. I pray and hope America and its leaders are not stupid enough to try such a thing.

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