The Jewdas Fucking Megillah

  Once upon a time, in the faraway depths of the internet, somewhere in between neo nazi websites, the Israeli Government’s PR twitter and the ‘all male panel’ tumblr, there lived a king called Gilad Shatzmon. Gilad lived with his partner, Trashty, but they were having some problems. Scrolling through twitter one day, Gilad saw … Continued


In response to recently published fears of racists from the right, the left, and the residents council about plans to build an Eruv in Bushey, Jewdas have released the following statement. Having got in quite a bit of trouble before for being mistaken for someone else, the congregation of Geoffrey have decided to push forward … Continued

Megillat Geoffster – An Eco-Feminist Purim Story

Once upon a time there was a king called Ahasuerus and he was a really nice king. He always held the door open for ladies, and listened to them bitching about stuff, and it made him really angry that so many of his female subjects seemed to go for his misogynist best mate Hey-Man. Ahasuerus … Continued

Israel Apartheid Week : cos February isn’t depressing enough

    Not a fan of Valentines Day? Fortunately the consumer capitalist exploitation of romance is not the only festival this month. We had a lovely Tubishvat, and coming up next week is (drumroll) … Israeli Apartheid Week. Here are Jewdas’ top picks: If you are looking for some introductory events, to learn about the conflict and why the … Continued

The Deference of Dybbuks

Residents of Golders Green awoke yesterday morning to find North Best London had been ransacked over night by the ghosts of Jewish Past. Entrances to Starbucks and the Jewish Chronicle had both been barricaded, radical political pamphlets were pinned to the trees of Golders Hill Park, and shop fronts and signed altered with spray paint. … Continued

Jewish Defence League launch violent cultural boycott

In a surprising u-turn, the Jewish Defence League along with other more ‘moderate’ right wingers have recently come out in support of the type of cultural boycott many of them have spent recent years condemning as prejudiced. On Monday night Jewish protesters gathered in huge numbers at New York City’s Lincoln Centre for a rally … Continued

Spot the Difference

The Jewish Chronicle has once again provoked controversy by accidentally publishing an interview with several members of the EDL, having mistaken them for members of Sussex Friends of Israel. Both groups were strutting around central London this weekend draped in Israeli flags, so it was an easy mistake to make. The reporter in question made … Continued