Seven Haimkus and One Bobbe Myse

Haim Frumkin is the author of several brilliant forthcoming masterpieces. Aggressively attractive and scintillatingly subversive, he is loosely-renowned as a pioneer of Judeo-Japanese-erotic poetry, and as a fount of contra-capitalist wisdom. He enjoys the simple things in life, like cocktails, walks on the beach, and Jacques Derrida.   ****   Candles. Wine bar. You ask: What’s your ideal … Continued

Exposed: God is a card-carrying communist

This week, declassified CIA files have revealed what many suspected all along: God is, in fact, a communist. Research by Jewdas into these documents has shown that the CIA struggled to keep up with the freedom fighter’s activities, since she has operated under so many different aliases, including Allah, Adonai, Shekhinah, Brahman, and Toots. Nevertheless, … Continued

An open letter to a friend in Israel

This open letter was written before the latest ceasefire, in response to a Israeli friends’ and relatives’ reactions to Hamas’s rockets. I never got around to publishing it then, but do so now because I think the issues it discusses are still pertinent.

Call Your Parents

As a ‘Ceasefire’ and ‘Negotiations’ do or don’t apathetically continue between Hamas and Israel, why not use this chance to call your confused parents over Shabbat and discuss what’s happening? You’ll have the dirty frisson of using your phone on Shabbat, so it’s worth it for that alone, but it’s also a chance to show … Continued

Letter to the Zionist Federation and to British Jewry

We, as British Jews, are here to express our solidarity with the Palestinian people. Over 1,000 Palestinians have been killed recently by the Israeli state, and thousands more displaced, injured and arrested. Israel has killed civilians, destroyed homes and impoverished the Palestinian population. We are here to say: not in our name. We reject the … Continued