Adon Olam! Medieval Rabbis Raged with Homo Lust!

At the end of most services, we sing Adon Olam. More than sing it, we shout it. It’s the fun part of the service that kids love to sing. Even late in life, the most secular adults can recite the first verse with deep affection. Watch it here: We never give much thought to that song, its lyrics, … Continued

Jewish Defence League launch violent cultural boycott

In a surprising u-turn, the Jewish Defence League along with other more ‘moderate’ right wingers have recently come out in support of the type of cultural boycott many of them have spent recent years condemning as prejudiced. On Monday night Jewish protesters gathered in huge numbers at New York City’s Lincoln Centre for a rally … Continued

Diasporotica – 1st Annual Diasporic Erotic Poetry Contest – Calling for Submissions

After much popular clamour, we present the eagerly-anticipated poetry contest – Diasporotica – a friendly competition to celebrate the vibrant, long-standing tradition of erotic poetry in the diaspora.   We are welcoming submissions in: Bukhori, Dzhidi, Gruzini, Haketia, Hebrew, Judaeo-Aramaic, Judaeo-Golpaygani, Judaeo-Kurdish, Judeo-Malayalam, Judaeo-Marathi, Judaeo-Piedmontese, Juhuri, Kayla, Knaanic, Krymchak, Ladino, Romaniyot, Qatalanit, Shuhadit, Yiddish, and Zarphatic. Submissions … Continued

Am I an anti-Zionist Jew?

A shorter version of this article appeared in Jewish News today:   There is an etching of Jerusalem hanging on my wall. My Israeli cousin made it and gave it to me for my Bar Mitzvah. Each week, I sit in synagogue and pray, facing the Promised Land, reciting those beautiful words: “If I … Continued

32 radical Jews you really need to know

If you’ve ever felt like you’re the only radical Jew in the world, Jewdas is here to let you know you’re not. These are 32 incredible Jewish anarchists, feminists, communists, environmentalists and pacifists to inspire you. And, hey, even if you already know you’re one of many very cool people, here’s a few more heroes … Continued

Update from the Barricades of Modernity & Wishes for a New Year

Guess who’s Feuerbach? Yes it’s me. Treasured comrades, it’s been a difficult few weeks. The end to our year is drenched in socialist sorrow. The independence of the Liberated People’s Socio-Democratic Republic of Scotland has been thwarted, the 4th (or is it 5th?) bombing of Iraq has begun, the reactionary stooges that call themselves the FijiFirst … Continued

Jewish workers’ militias set to challenge CST

For decades, CST has been the only source for private muscle at Jewish events. But now there’s a new start-up on the block. The Jewish Workers’ Militia is hoping to enter the market by undercutting CST on price and overcutting them on racist paranoia. CST, or ‘Community Security Trust’, is a right-wing vigilante group founded … Continued

Spot the Difference

The Jewish Chronicle has once again provoked controversy by accidentally publishing an interview with several members of the EDL, having mistaken them for members of Sussex Friends of Israel. Both groups were strutting around central London this weekend draped in Israeli flags, so it was an easy mistake to make. The reporter in question made … Continued