The British Jewish Establishment Are Ignoring Neo-Nazis

  On Saturday afternoon neo-Nazis from a hodgepodge of the British far-right demonstrated in Stamford Hill, the heart of London’s Jewish community. Activists from New Dawn, National Action and the National Front all marched freely in the streets while the community rested for Shabbat. It was, without doubt, the most openly anti-Semitic event to have … Continued

Jewdas Seder Night

For anyone who hasn’t got the email or facebook invite, Jewdas Seder night is tomorrow, Monday 6th, at 6.30 pm in St George’s Town Hall 236 Cable Street. Come down the steps to the basement and ring the buzzer. We have cut and pasted a haggadah out of several, please print a copy and bring … Continued


In response to recently published fears of racists from the right, the left, and the residents council about plans to build an Eruv in Bushey, Jewdas have released the following statement. Having got in quite a bit of trouble before for being mistaken for someone else, the congregation of Geoffrey have decided to push forward … Continued

What the Jewish Election Manifesto should have looked like

This week, the Bored of Deputies released its election manifesto. To be honest, most of it’s pretty inoffensive. It might not seem like much to the outside, but to have the UK’s biggest Jewish body put condemnation of Islamophobia and a viable Palestinian state into its main political programme for 2015 is a pretty big … Continued

What is actually on trial in the Lutfur Rahman case?

Imagine that the London borough of Barnet has elected a Jewish Mayor, despite a BBC documentary accusing him of corruption, aired weeks before the vote. What does this corruption look like? That the Mayor favours the Jewish community, the synagogues within the borough support him and the demographic of 55,000 Jews living there viewed as … Continued

Megillat Geoffster – An Eco-Feminist Purim Story

Once upon a time there was a king called Ahasuerus and he was a really nice king. He always held the door open for ladies, and listened to them bitching about stuff, and it made him really angry that so many of his female subjects seemed to go for his misogynist best mate Hey-Man. Ahasuerus … Continued

The real history of Jewish-Muslim relations

There are two versions of history we hear about Jewish-Muslim relations. On the one hand, some make out like it’s a story of constant war and animosity, dating back over centuries. On the other hand, some want to say that it was a matter of complete harmony and coexistence until Israel came along. Neither is … Continued