Your DNA says you should go back wherever you came from

Thanks to the miracles of scientific advancements, we can now pinpoint almost exactly how human beings developed. But what if our DNA can’t be used to serve the political ideologies of reactionaries? What will we do then? This week an article circulated showing that most Ashkenazi Jews in America are descended from Europeans. The study, … Continued

Who the fuck invited Julie Burchill?

or Unrequited: Memoirs of a Jewish Anti-Burchillite It was a normal Saturday night in Judaism.Jews- all of us – were having a quiet night in with the X Factor. We were just sitting down to a quiet evening of complaining, playing klezmer music, eating salmon and conforming to stereotypes. It was a normal night. Not … Continued

Geoffrey Cohen Demands to Sit on the Bored of Deputies

Rabbi, community leader, gadol hador and mother-of-four, Geoffrey Cohen, is this week demanding admittance to the Bored of Deputies. Geoffrey, as lifelong, glorious and esteemed leader of Kehillas Shluf, the Jewdas Bundist Shul in Milton Keynes, has requested immediate membership of the Bored of Deputies. It is thought that, when he is inevitably accepted, he will … Continued

The Deference of Dybbuks

Residents of Golders Green awoke yesterday morning to find North Best London had been ransacked over night by the ghosts of Jewish Past. Entrances to Starbucks and the Jewish Chronicle had both been barricaded, radical political pamphlets were pinned to the trees of Golders Hill Park, and shop fronts and signed altered with spray paint. … Continued

Adon Olam! Medieval Rabbis Raged with Homo Lust!

At the end of most services, we sing Adon Olam. More than sing it, we shout it. It’s the fun part of the service that kids love to sing. Even late in life, the most secular adults can recite the first verse with deep affection. Watch it here: We never give much thought to that song, its lyrics, … Continued

Jewish Defence League launch violent cultural boycott

In a surprising u-turn, the Jewish Defence League along with other more ‘moderate’ right wingers have recently come out in support of the type of cultural boycott many of them have spent recent years condemning as prejudiced. On Monday night Jewish protesters gathered in huge numbers at New York City’s Lincoln Centre for a rally … Continued