The people of Surrey need our help, not our hatred

At a recent meeting on the refugee crisis, a well-heeled woman talked about how Hackney might be better placed to deal with the situation, given the number of immigrants living there. She cited, as examples, the large Turkish community and “Orthodox Jewish community”. It took me a few minutes to work out who she meant. … Continued

Labour leader hustings – eyewitness account

On Monday, JW3 hosted the Labour leadership candidates at a hustings organised by the Jewish Chronicle, Jewish Labour Movement and Labour Friends of Israel. Stretching just over an hour, three-quarters of which were surprisingly taken up by questions relating to Israel, Jewdas generously sought to cut through the haze, and read between the lines of what … Continued

Dealing with White Supremacists

On 4th July, fascists are planning to march in Golders Green. Their reasons are bizarre and deluded, but they offer us a fascinating insight into the imaginations of white supremacists. At first, when they wanted to target Stamford Hill, they said they were opposing the “Jewification” of the area. More than a century too late … Continued

PROTEST: Jewish Bloc at Anti-Austerity Demonstration

This week, the Jewish Chronicle editorial said Jews would be welcoming a Tory win. Not on their life we won’t! On 20th June, there will be a mass demonstration against the government’s plans for austerity. We are organising a Jewish bloc among the thousands of attendees. All Jews who care about stopping these senseless cuts … Continued

Examples of Medieval Andalusian Jewish poetry

On the BirthWrong tour, we did a session on homo-eroticism in Medieval Andalusian Jewish poetry. We read out some poems as examples. Some attendees asked me to share those poems for reference, so here they are.   “He Said, Don’t Sleep”, Dunash ben Labrat (920-990) ben Labrat was the first major Hebrew poet of the … Continued

Jewdas interviews Max Blumenthal

Max Blumenthal is one of the leading Jewish-American critics of Israel. His latest book, Goliath: Fear and Loathing in Greater Israel, has caused considerable controversy for its coverage of racism and militarism in Israel. This week, Max will be one of a group of thirty Jews coming from across the world on Jewdas’s BirthWrong tour to … Continued

What the Jewish Election Manifesto should have looked like

This week, the Bored of Deputies released its election manifesto. To be honest, most of it’s pretty inoffensive. It might not seem like much to the outside, but to have the UK’s biggest Jewish body put condemnation of Islamophobia and a viable Palestinian state into its main political programme for 2015 is a pretty big … Continued

The real history of Jewish-Muslim relations

There are two versions of history we hear about Jewish-Muslim relations. On the one hand, some make out like it’s a story of constant war and animosity, dating back over centuries. On the other hand, some want to say that it was a matter of complete harmony and coexistence until Israel came along. Neither is … Continued

What the Prophets would say if they were Modern-Day Jews

What if the prophets had been modern Jews? What would they say?      “Have you seen the price of parking in Hackney lately?” “Maureen, you’re right – it’s just not safe in Hampstead anymore. I’ve gone and got us some lions to scare off the terrorists.” “WILL SOMEBODY PLEASE STAND FOR THE POSITION OF … Continued

If you wouldn’t do it to Jews, don’t do it to Muslims

Spare a thought for the racists. They’re having a really hard time lately. They keep trying to oppress Muslims in a liberal, rational way but accidentally end up looking like Nazis. Take, for example, recent discussions of banning halal meat. On the surface, it looks perfect for the racists. It involves animals, which everyone loves, … Continued