An open letter to the Guardian

Dear Guardian errors or inaccuracies department,

Apologies for being a Jewish person who is anally retentive about Israel/Palestine, and writes into the Guardian about it. I’ve heard you get a lot of those.

More Top Quality Reporting by the Jewish Chronicle

More top quality reporting by the JC last week. After I read their front page headline, “Reform reject chance to choose Chief Rabbi” I was naturally quite surprised when I read the article and couldn’t find anything to substantiate such a hyperbolic headline. I did find Stephen Pack, the new president of the United Synagogue … Continued

JPR: Hackney Parking Services not taking anti-semitic incidents seriously enough

The Institute for Jewish Policy Research (the JPR) published a report yesterday claiming that Hackney Parking Services are failing to take anti-Semitic parking related incidents seriously enough. Hackney is home to a large Charedi population predominantly living in the Stamford Hill area. The report highlights the fact that 3 ‘allegedly’ anti-Semitic events took place in … Continued