Geoffrey Cohen Demands to Sit on the Bored of Deputies

Rabbi, community leader, gadol hador and mother-of-four, Geoffrey Cohen, is this week demanding admittance to the Bored of Deputies. Geoffrey, as lifelong, glorious and esteemed leader of Kehillas Shluf, the Jewdas Bundist Shul in Milton Keynes, has requested immediate membership of the Bored of Deputies. It is thought that, when he is inevitably accepted, he will … Continued

Letter to the Zionist Federation and to British Jewry

We, as British Jews, are here to express our solidarity with the Palestinian people. Over 1,000 Palestinians have been killed recently by the Israeli state, and thousands more displaced, injured and arrested. Israel has killed civilians, destroyed homes and impoverished the Palestinian population. We are here to say: not in our name. We reject the … Continued

Surf, kishke, shteyt oyf

FIRST THE BACON BAGEL, now a Jewish neo-Nazi movement straight out of Mill Hill! Could the Messiah be any further away? Will he arrive on jet skis? Will an ‘ooo the fuck is alla?!!?!’ brigade help usher in the biblical era of peace? Yes says a real-life surfer rabbi from California, who’ll be joining the … Continued

Oi! East London Sukkah

For latest details, go to East London Sukkah Sukkah: * a temporary, fragile structure, built at the end of harvest in the autumn. * a structure built of natural materials, a house of plants and branches. * a  home for 7 days, where, you eat, sleep, party and make love. * a parody of a … Continued