An Alternative Tu Bishvat

Tu Bishvat, the New Year of the trees, is a time to celebrate nature, growth, divine spirit and to welcome the earth back to life. The festival is marked by planting trees and eating fruits, and in kabbalist tradition a seder – a dinner, preceded by the retelling of stories handed down through generations. Since … Continued

Savta Chaya’s Blintz Recipe

Jewish opinions on any given subject are varied and there are always controversies and vehement disagreements, even over the most insignificant things. But one thing that we all have in common is our savta (grandmother) and how much we love her cooking. Except for those of us whose grandmothers are terrible cooks, or who do … Continued

Oppose the Nazi Demo in Golders Green

On 4th July, fascist extremists plan once again to target the Jewish community. They will be attempting to march through Golders Green. We will not let them. Jewdas will be there to oppose this march. We encourage you to join us. Join us at Golders Green Station at midday on 4th July. Confirm your attendance on Facebook: … Continued

Tell Finchley Synagogue: Don’t host Settler Companies

A week after Netenyahu announced $35 million more dollars for settlements, Finchley Kinloss Synagogue are hosting a “property investment exhibition” with a whole host of settler companies. The event, on May 17th, is set to host a number of companies who build property illegally in the West Bank. We think this conference is a serious … Continued

Open letter to the JC: Stop enabling whiny right-wingers

Yesterday, the Jewish Chronicle published this article. Over the last year, Jewdas has extended its tentacles into the far reaches of the North, where a local supporter had this to say: The world, sadly, contains many people who fear, hate or distrust Jews. White Europeans, black Africans, Asians, Arabs, Americans, Latinos, Christians, Muslims, atheists. It … Continued

The British Jewish Establishment Are Ignoring Neo-Nazis

  On Saturday afternoon neo-Nazis from a hodgepodge of the British far-right demonstrated in Stamford Hill, the heart of London’s Jewish community. Activists from New Dawn, National Action and the National Front all marched freely in the streets while the community rested for Shabbat. It was, without doubt, the most openly anti-Semitic event to have … Continued

Jewdas Seder Night

For anyone who hasn’t got the email or facebook invite, Jewdas Seder night is tomorrow, Monday 6th, at 6.30 pm in St George’s Town Hall 236 Cable Street. Come down the steps to the basement and ring the buzzer. We have cut and pasted a haggadah out of several, please print a copy and bring … Continued