BREAKING: Discovery of 1939 message of ‘congratulations’ from Board of Deputies to General Francisco Franco

One of Geoffrey Cohen’s research assistants was in the archives of the Board of Deputies yesterday, and uncovered this curio from the public affairs file. It’s a fascinating glimpse into the response of a Jewish community leader at what, in retrospect, turned out to be a momentous event in our history. Who knows what further research may uncover! … Continued

Jewdas Hagaddah 2016

After our amazing Passover Seder yesterday we got a lot of requests to share our Hagaddah. We made it by cutting and pasting from various hagadot then added in our own bits and pieces. Feel free to change it and use it for your own seders! The Jewdas Hagaddah 2016 Next year in Costa del … Continued

Exclusive New Testament chapter reveals Jesus became a Tory

In a world exclusive, Jewdas has unearthed a new chapter of the New Testament, the book of George, in which Jesus abandons his previous obsession with feeding and healing people and becomes a compassionate Conservative. The book will soon be published in full, in an exclusive publishing deal with the Daily Mail, but in the … Continued

The Jewdas Fucking Megillah

  Once upon a time, in the faraway depths of the internet, somewhere in between neo nazi websites, the Israeli Government’s PR twitter and the ‘all male panel’ tumblr, there lived a king called Gilad Shatzmon. Gilad lived with his partner, Trashty, but they were having some problems. Scrolling through twitter one day, Gilad saw … Continued

An Alternative Tu Bishvat

Tu Bishvat, the New Year of the trees, is a time to celebrate nature, growth, divine spirit and to welcome the earth back to life. The festival is marked by planting trees and eating fruits, and in kabbalist tradition a seder – a dinner, preceded by the retelling of stories handed down through generations. Since … Continued

Babel’s Blessing January Classes

Jewdas’ slightly more respectable baby sibling Babel’s Blessing has an announcement for you all! Register for Yiddish, Hebrew & British Sign Language classes 2016 – and help us train the next generation of radical ESOL teachers Here’s a suggestion for anyone struggling to think of a New Year’s resolution, or feeling themselves sliding into that … Continued

JNF Under Demolition: They Say Bedouin Nights, We Say Bedouin Rights

On the 26th of November the JNF held a themed “Bedouin Nights” party in London, coincidentally the same night it razed the Bedouin village of al-Araqib for the 91st time. Promising a “unique Bedouin style venue” with cocktails and shesha, the event was to raise money for Desert Stars which is a JNF project for young Bedouin … Continued